Friday, August 26, 2016

Pocket Letters from March St Patrick's Day Themed

Hey guys! In an order to get caught up which even me not posting I'm still doing pretty darn good but when I was scrolling through my fone to find old creations I realized there were a few I hadn't posted. I was debating if I wanted to go and make one long post about them all which surprising to me there wasn't to many from late this year that needs to be posted or if I should do them all individually and I think I am going to do them all separate so they get my full attention and love that I put into them!

SO today's is from March- I went with a St. Patrick's Day theme it is a big deal in my house my other half is part Irish, I'm mostly Irish, he has a Leprechaun Tattoo (as talked about in this post ), his gamer tag is Lucky and often uses a shamrock for a symbol, plus his favorite color is green, also i love Leprechauns! So St Patrick's Day and March is a great month in our home. Usually filled with the smell of Corned Beef and Cabbage too! 
(seriously making my own mouth water just thinking about it!)

So for March I naturally went with a St. Patrick's Day theme!

The front of Ashley's 
 The back of Ashley's
 The front of Tam's
 The back of Tam's
 The front of Sara's 
 The back of Sara's

If you notice there is a SUPER cute Leprechaun! If he looks filimar it is bc he is the gnome from Lawn Fawn's Gnome Sweet Gnome set and I use my masking techinque to stamp the hat from Lawn Fawn's Hats off to You set and colored him with green, yellow and an orange beard to make him a Leprechaun. I think it worked out great! 

If you have any questions about masking I did a post all about it 
with a video and everything. It was super hard to explain how to mask over the fone or by texting I tried with Sara so I made her a video! I just hope it has helped ours!

There were more things that went into to the back of them but this was what i had pulled for pocket letters right off the back!

Thank you for stopping in and have a great day

Monday, August 1, 2016

ATC with a Pocket

Hey guys!

Really trying to get back into this! Ok so Today's post is a post on a swap i did in one of my groups i'm in on called ATC with a Pocket. We had to have an ATC with a pocket with at least 2 items in the pocket! This was an interesting one. It totally got my brain going so i joined i enjoyed making it tho i didn't care for the long wait to mail it out... things can get lost on my desk and i was super worried about that i love making art but hate having it sit around to long i lose things lol!

Well this is what i did for it!

I had this idea of using my kraft paper which is a rougher surface then i like so i have to make myself use it bc i cant draw on bc it's not smooth at all which is ok for somethings but i bought it to draw on and use like normal paper but got a really good deal on amazon so it's a catch 22 with it. I have been trying to come up with other ways of using it.So here i thought OMG lets try stenciling it!

So i got out my Tim Holtz sunburst stencil and my Stamping up Tangerine Twist ink and i stenciled 2 of the same patterns on this Kraft paper. So i could have a pocket in the same thing.

I added the pocket to the exact position and then added some faux stitching to make it look like a pocket also added some sequins to add some detail and a black boarder to tie in with the black stitch lines.

Here are the pieces i made for the pocket (from left to right) all are 2 sided bc idk what the person will use them for if anything and are the same thing on both sides. Some pieces were more of a pain to do than others.

1. i use a wooden compass stamp that bought out of the dollar bin i believe and stamped a compass and i used a tan marker to color it then took my memento rich cocoa ink and a blender tool and did the blending of the dark brown i love the color that comes out when doing that the red hues really shine through and i add some in the middle to really make look worn Then i took a sign stamp out of a 1.99 Sea set i got from Michael's ( Idk the name or the brand if you are interested message me i will pull them out and tell you.) I stamped it out and colored it then glued it down and this one was a little hard to do 2 sided to get he compass right but i managed to get it!

2. Is a bookmark! I used a Lawn fawn stamp from Gnome Sweet Gnome i never use the stamp and so thought his piece has been very unique why not use it something else that is unique and different... so i too the stamp and colored it and took the same kraft paper added some gold strips which i loved the way it turned out then glued the image on and punched a hole then made the hanging tassel which was my first one i ever made and turned out great! Also 2 sided!

3. the luggage i just had this feel going on and when flipping through my stamps i see this one and thought wow that could really go with the feel if i colored then just right i used the same gold on the accents and then colored them all in some of the same color family i used in the project i wish i would have added something to the bottom to anchor more or colored it darker but did 2 sided which was a pain also bc of the cutting out process but made it work.

All and all i love how all the pieces work together to add a fun element to the ATC. 

They all looked great over laying in the pocket! 
This was really fun and i think i will do another really soon! Also i just posted a Pokemon ATC with a Pocket so this one has been on my mind. But I also want to do another random ATC with a  pocket!

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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Hand drawn pocket letters for the girls!

 Hey everyone ok today i wanted to share some pocket letters that i spent more time making than usual. I hand drew some pocket letters for the girls! Tam, Sara and Ashley. 

Here is the part of the process i did on these. I measured it out. You don't see the pencil lines in the photos of 2 1/2 by 3 1/2 so i knew where they were each will be cut and how far to go over on the paper. 

 Here is the finished drawing 

And then here is is after i cut it and erased the pencil lines and put in to the sleeves. 

Ok so here are Sara and Ashley's

On Sara's pocket letter i used black paper with a white pen.

On Ashley's pocket letter i used white paper with a black pen.

So everyone is really different and fun! I love how each of them turned out i started each of the pocket letter with the intent on putting the girls names in the middle but didn't really have plan who got which til later. Clearly These are from Dec 2015 i'm never on track with time of what i posted for many many reason the first being i do so many ATC's and pocket letters and second is i don't post enough anymore trying to fix that second issue for you guys! Also another reason i should mention I don't want to spoil anything for anyone. I have accidentally did that to my self where i was like oh she has a site let me check this person stuff or style out and then ruined a surprise for me. Which is ok but the fun of snail mailing is opening it up to see what i was sent!

I hope you enjoyed today's post I really an trying to keep up guys and post more. I am very excited about swaps lately i have been at max (20) swaps for like a month straight plus my pocket letters to the girls and 2 more ladies have been added to mix maybe 3 not sure on the 3rd yet. But as soon as one swap goes out I have added more to the list. 

So been crazy swapping and creating! 

Have a great day!


Saturday, July 23, 2016

Pokemon Pocket Letter: Pink

 Hey everyone! Ok so Kayla's been adding some Pocket letters to the Pokemon Group swap list this one was a theme of pink!I started with this pink on pink dotted paper but as you can see the back og it is white. So i glued it to pink paper for back i wanted it to be mostly all pink, with the least amount of black and white as i could get on it!

 So the finished product looked something like this

I choose Pokemon that were mostly Pink and if you are a Pokemon fan you may have noticed they are all 3 evolutions and in order top, middle, bottom. I also included the Pokemons egg with it's first evolution at the top. i thought that would be fun and it turned out great.

For the back i was a little more open to more black and white. i added all kinds of stuff for Glynda! Even made a book mark one side you can see the egg with the same pink on pink dotted paper and the other was Clefairy with the same pink on pink dotted paper!

Then for the envelop I did this little stenciled Jigglypuff (i see someone do it on the front of a card and i cleaned it up some and love it! Tho i think theirs was either a craved stamp or a lithographed stamp but it was still really awesome they had 3 it was like jigglypuff, squirtle and i believe pikachu. I made stencils out of them and changed them slightly but it is really fun to do them!

Thank you for stopping by trying to get better at posting more!


Monday, July 18, 2016

Crafting with little Bella!

Hi guys!

 I wanted to post some things that i had made but when searching my photo i was like omg i should totally some of the pictures from when i was crafting with Bella over 4th of July weekend! 

So, i was totally bummed out and excited for this weekend! This is a family reunion weekend of awesomeness at the cousins lake house. I was excited bc i love seeing everyone and love love love being at the lake house we have been like once a year for a few years.. 3-4 now wish we could get down there more but life is so busy and family and friends are so far apart in Michigan and then the rest are in Florida it's really hard to see everyone. But this year my Brother in law and his amazing wife are expecting their 2nd child! Our first official Nephew, we have 2 handsome best friend Nephews whom i adore beyond believe! So they were not able to come up from Florida but She is due in Aug, which also means our oldest niece Claudia wasn't coming. Which her and I have a special relationship and love her dearly! So was the start of my bumming out. Then my sister in law and her husband also in Florida were not able to come bc he had training for his military job which meant our other niece would not be there either, In Aug she will be 1! We have actually met her twice Stella-Monster is so cute and when we met her both times she wasn't really moving to much she would crawl some the 2nd time but now she is walking and i hear she is talking some so i kinda bummed more that i would not be able to see that. But hopefully sometime next year we will be home to met our Nephew, Henry. 

See all of our nieces and nephews ( i see no difference in Best Friend Nieces and Nephews and actual Nieces and Nephews, the love for all is real and Family is who you make it with not just who you are given!) 

Even tho i was bummed about not seeing the Nieces, Brother in laws, and sister in laws, we did just see them in April and the mom in law and dad in law came up from Florida. so that is exciting too. It was a great weekend tho! I did miss everyone who wasn't able to make it but it was super fun! can't wait to see what we do for 2018 4th of July reunion! Crystal went above and beyond this year!

Bounce house, dunk tank, sno-kone machine for the weekend on top of everything else she has, popcorn machine, trampoline, kayaks, boats for the huge lake, bikes, yard games for the huge yard, video games, ping-pogn table, basketball hoop, pool table and i am sure i am missing stuff.

But there was some down time i spend over finishing up a letter to a swap-bot partner. After you know a couple days of drinking and playing with all the cousins kids needed some time of relaxation. My mom in law brought Bella over while all the boys were out on a bike ride. So me and her made some things for everyone! Including Claudia, she was sad Claudia didn't get to come too so she wanted ot make something for her to let her know we were thinking of her! So, sweet! 

Cousin Chloe gave her a pink fluffy pen! And her Aunt Donna (my mother-in-law)  knew just the place to take her to use it lol! She was able to use all the punches by her self! If this doesn't say those easy squeeze punches are amazing idk what does! Bc for a 5 year to use them without any trouble should say alot! (i only had 2 punches in my bag the medium circle punch and the easy squeeze large circle punch both Fiskars.

I wish i would have taken photos of everything she made i just mostly taped and doodled on things and also wish i would have gotten some of Bree making cards too! So sad i didnt 

Pictures of Bella and me!

We totally had fun i think we spent like at least an hour if not longer making things for people. it was harder to keep her focused toward the end but she wanted so many. i was able to do it lol 

My man... Manning the grill!
 The view from the livingroom! Yes please!
 Me and scooby taking some time to watch Rob Dyrdek's Fantasie Factory while everyone was on the boats. So nice and quite! 
 BF and Crystal taking the Kayaks to the water, i was suprised how much use they got this weekend.
 My in laws after a few hour drive relaxing in the sun before all the kids found out aunt donna and uncle dave were here!!

 We also set some fire works off too. On Saturday night the big display from the city was Monday night.

All and all a great weekend even went with the in laws to and aunt and uncles house on Monday to see them we all go lost bc it's confusing to get back to their house but it was nice to see them too been to long!!! 

Have a great day!


Saturday, July 9, 2016

All About My State Swap

Hey guys so did a swap called All about my State! It was 20 Facts about my state and then a flat surprise... no surprise i did an ATC for my surprise!

Since I live in Michigan I did Michigan.

 I was very excited after I made my ATC and did my 20 facts when i addressed my envelop I was debating doing a Florida one too since I was born and raised in Florida and as of Oct i will have lived in Michigan for 9 years (it really doesn't feel like that!) 

But as I looked at the partners address, 
She is from about 15-20 miles from where I grew up in Tampa, Florida! 

So i opted not to do a Florida one.

As you can see I used a part of a map of Michigan sticker paper with a stenciled Michigan (including the all important Upper Peninsula (UP)! I had to mask off part of it to get the right shape for the UP when it goes into Wisconsin tho it is a great big US stencil with all 50 states most people don't realize that Michigan consists of 2 parts a Lower and an Upper I more than likely wouldn't worry to much if i didn't live and love the UP so much! I also thought something was missing so added an anchor to the bottom. I feel like it still needed something but everything i placed on it didn't look right so i left it as it is, it looks awesome but just needed something else... but it's ok it's still pretty darn neat! I love how the Michigan turned out got this giant stencil for like 2.99 and has all 50 states in 2 stencils the one is 48 continental states and then the other is Alaska and Hawaii. It's really kool found it at Joann's on sale it was like originally like $5.99. Which is still a really great deal. If i remember when I get home I will take a photo it if anyone is interested in it.

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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Pokemon A2 Card

Hey guys!

SO today I am showing you guys this super cute card i made... I been all about water things, deep sea, open water. It's that time of year when I am thinking all about water and be in one and around water without 4 layers of clothes lol! Hooray for Northern Michigan weather! haha! Well today I am showing an A2 card I made with some water type pokemon which started it all! I so didnt want to send this one i love it so much! But I did! I did receive a SUPER CUTE ONE BACK! So, it totally worked out! 

 Ok so as I said I made this card stardard A2 size. I wanted to do a kinda water color background without getting the water colors out so i used my Spectrum Noirs. Not 100% happy with the front bc i was to heavy handed but i still loved it as a whole with the pokemon on it.. The fotos are yellowy tint to them from the lighting. I'ts white cardstock as a base. I hand wrote the hello. Fron the top there is Finneon, Gorebyss, Goldeen then on the inside of the cars is the evolved form of Finneon, Lumineon. I made it look like a speech bubble to wrote a not to my parter for the swap. It was really fun to make this and I can wait to make some more!

I also decorated the envleop

Thank you for stopping by if you have any questions or comments please message below or for a faster response email me at

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Saturday, June 11, 2016

Old skool pac man arcade pocket letter

Hey guys! So i wanted to post this blog to give some more ideas of pocket letters for my pokemon group who has a pokemon pocket letter swap up!

Which i am uner excited about idk what i wanna do for it yet... But so ecited about it!

Ok ok so this blog is about the sweet sweet arcade pac man pocket letters i made. 

I made one for sara and it was so sweet i made two more one for ash and one for tam bc it was so awesome! I lived doing it. There have been a couple of times they all got the exact same ones. Usually there they are similar or have same theme sometimes but will be different. Lately i have loved my themes or what i did so they all got same. Like i know for sure april was the same like this one ways bc they were to awesome.

You can see how i made this one on black  paper with white gel pen.

Then i took a blue marker and colored the white lines to turn them blue.

Then i added dots.

Then i added a hello player one, high score which is actually the date, added pacman, and some ghosts. Which i got the ghosts from Lawn Fawn's super cute set Monster Mash.

As you can see the dots are different and all theirs not bc i was lazy i wanted it to look like they been played. I hope this helps you guys and encourages some of you to make a pocket letter! They are so fun usually mine are dont in more of an atc style with 9 different ones with one theme but this one was just so fun to try!! I love it!! So did the guys!

Thank you for stopping by!


Thursday, June 9, 2016

Pokemon Pocket Letter From Sara

Hey guys! 

So, with one of my Pokemon group, ladies, Kayla posting a Pokemon Pocket Letter Swap. I thought since I know some people are new to them I would post a a Pokemon Pocket Letter I received from one of my Besties, Sara, at the end Jan early Feb. I know i took photos when I received it so I must have deleted them when I deleted some stuff off my phone when we went home in April, to take more photos of the Fam, which includes Sara and her beautiful family (to bad for her she's stuck with me fore life since 2003 hahahaha)! 

Ok so I know she send me Pokemon TCG cards since I play and collect those I've taken those out and I am sure she sent sticker/tattoos but I took those out too to add with my Pokemon stuff. I usually dont empty out a Pocket letter from sara, ashley, tam or beth, as much as i did this one. They usually go in each of their notebooks and i will pick through stuff bc one i'm a horder of crafty stuff and two stuff from them means alot to me no matter what it is.


I will shut it and get on with it 

Ok so a Pocket Letter they are made with 9-pocket trading card sheet protectors. In each pocket, you make an ATC, and add little goodies for your partner. In one pocket, you add a letter for them.
Fill back pockets different goodies for your partner. You can fill the pockets with some papers but actual goodies, like ribbon, stickers, washi tapes samples, tags, charms, fun paper clips, tea, strings/bakers twine, things that fit into the pockets... i have also seen candies and things like that too!

With these your weights and thickness can come in to play, too. 

If you keep your pocket letter under 1/4 inches thick and under 1 oz you can send in with the US for one stamp... if more 1 oz will need more postage... and if it is more than 1/4 inch thick it will be about 1.30 to ship and if you are like Kayla and i sometimes you have to much fun and it can cost you a little more.

If you Z the 9 pocket sheet they will fit in a standard #10 envelop. Which can be nice bc sometimes they are just one stamp worthy and others are a little more costly, but totally worth it!

I have been making 3-4 if not more pocket letters per month for friends for over a year now. 
SO yeah i have made alot of these.

Ok so Sara's Pokemon pocket letter to me was so amazing! For more than one reason! First off this was her 2-3 pocket letter she never did ATC's I introduced her to Pocket letters in Sept to keep mroe in touch and make her write me and have some time to craft! (being a stay at home mom with 2 beautiful boys 4 and a baby... shes a saint!) She also never got into the Pokemon craze. So doing research of Pokemon and pokemon related things she actually came across my blog with my ATCs, she had/has amazingly kind things to say... which made blush ALOT! But she has to say those things she's family!

Those two I covered with post-it's bc they were my note lol

Ok even with the perler beads key chain in it the ribbon with perler beads on it. As you can see this one only used 2 forever stamps. I still have the envelop I usually keep them too! 

I personally am good at holding my mail and knowing roughly the weight since i been doing this while and then in Oct began working at a private mail for Canadians to ship and receive mail from America to America bc there are alot of companies that one won't send out of US and two there are companies that charge and arm and a leg for it. On top of the shipping price and duties and taxes. But if you worry about the weight you can take it to the post office and have it weighted and mailed out there. 

Also when shipping outside of the US you will need to use a customs form you can get them from the post office or order them onlune and have them shipping for free to your house
 it's Customs form 2976 it's simple to fill out just mark as gift and what's in it, I usually mark it as handmade cards and stickers worth a $1 or $2. Just has your address their address on it and whats in the envelop then just stickered to the envelop if you have ordered anything from another country you may have seen some type of this especially anything from ebay from China.

Thank you for stopping by and I cant wait to make this Pocket Letter!

Hope some of this helps.