Monday, January 23, 2017

First Swap-bot Swap from Tam

Hey Everyone!

 Check out this sweet Vid of an ATC one of my best friends made for me!


How cute is this?!



Thank you TAM!

Thank you guys for stopping by!

Love y'all


Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Electric Dragon ATC

Hey everyone! So today i wanted to show you guys a new atc i just mailed out ti my swap-bot partner! I joined a swap it was Dragon Electric... non pokemon... this looked better in pencil before i inked it but i like it. The colors are brighter in person.

Well have a great day guys!


Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Life Update

Life update

He guys it's a new year! Thankfully I wont go into details about how horrible so many things went seriously wrong in 2016! I will tell in Sept I had an SVT attack I have one about one a year now... Mine is caused by one vein that has splintered off so it causes an electrical short in my heart. (basically the simplest explanation) Mine was a birth defect. Well a normal range for your heart during these attacks are 200 beats per minute. Mine this time was 286 beats per minute. Basically mine SVT is at the first valve of my heart and doesn't open it and so then it was like 20-30 minutes of blood swirling in the first chamber which makes it race bc it's trying to get the blood through. My cardiologist freaked out i have never been on meds or had any passing out until this time I almost passed out about 5 times with in a 10 minute period it took to get from my home to the ER. They were able to slow my heart down and get into normal rhymes then see my family doctor and my cardiologist the following day. The cardiologist put me on meds which caused a bunch of issues and had to change them i got every side effect for both ones. I also seen a specialist about 3 hours drive away to talk about surgery. Well got to see him in Oct and then he's new to the practice but has been working on this mapping system for like 10 years and this practice had one on order so was horrible months with lots of side effects and as of Dec 9th I went back down state was able to have them fix my issue! So atm the moment everything was a sucess and it's been a crazy 3-4 weeks with recovery bc i push myself more than i should but i dont have time wait around for it heal! The went in through the groan and boy it's hard to walk but almost at 100% to me that worth it all to no longer have a heart condition and not worry about it atm!

Have a great 2017 guys and thank  you for checking in!