Thursday, June 9, 2016

Pokemon Pocket Letter From Sara

Hey guys! 

So, with one of my Pokemon group, ladies, Kayla posting a Pokemon Pocket Letter Swap. I thought since I know some people are new to them I would post a a Pokemon Pocket Letter I received from one of my Besties, Sara, at the end Jan early Feb. I know i took photos when I received it so I must have deleted them when I deleted some stuff off my phone when we went home in April, to take more photos of the Fam, which includes Sara and her beautiful family (to bad for her she's stuck with me fore life since 2003 hahahaha)! 

Ok so I know she send me Pokemon TCG cards since I play and collect those I've taken those out and I am sure she sent sticker/tattoos but I took those out too to add with my Pokemon stuff. I usually dont empty out a Pocket letter from sara, ashley, tam or beth, as much as i did this one. They usually go in each of their notebooks and i will pick through stuff bc one i'm a horder of crafty stuff and two stuff from them means alot to me no matter what it is.


I will shut it and get on with it 

Ok so a Pocket Letter they are made with 9-pocket trading card sheet protectors. In each pocket, you make an ATC, and add little goodies for your partner. In one pocket, you add a letter for them.
Fill back pockets different goodies for your partner. You can fill the pockets with some papers but actual goodies, like ribbon, stickers, washi tapes samples, tags, charms, fun paper clips, tea, strings/bakers twine, things that fit into the pockets... i have also seen candies and things like that too!

With these your weights and thickness can come in to play, too. 

If you keep your pocket letter under 1/4 inches thick and under 1 oz you can send in with the US for one stamp... if more 1 oz will need more postage... and if it is more than 1/4 inch thick it will be about 1.30 to ship and if you are like Kayla and i sometimes you have to much fun and it can cost you a little more.

If you Z the 9 pocket sheet they will fit in a standard #10 envelop. Which can be nice bc sometimes they are just one stamp worthy and others are a little more costly, but totally worth it!

I have been making 3-4 if not more pocket letters per month for friends for over a year now. 
SO yeah i have made alot of these.

Ok so Sara's Pokemon pocket letter to me was so amazing! For more than one reason! First off this was her 2-3 pocket letter she never did ATC's I introduced her to Pocket letters in Sept to keep mroe in touch and make her write me and have some time to craft! (being a stay at home mom with 2 beautiful boys 4 and a baby... shes a saint!) She also never got into the Pokemon craze. So doing research of Pokemon and pokemon related things she actually came across my blog with my ATCs, she had/has amazingly kind things to say... which made blush ALOT! But she has to say those things she's family!

Those two I covered with post-it's bc they were my note lol

Ok even with the perler beads key chain in it the ribbon with perler beads on it. As you can see this one only used 2 forever stamps. I still have the envelop I usually keep them too! 

I personally am good at holding my mail and knowing roughly the weight since i been doing this while and then in Oct began working at a private mail for Canadians to ship and receive mail from America to America bc there are alot of companies that one won't send out of US and two there are companies that charge and arm and a leg for it. On top of the shipping price and duties and taxes. But if you worry about the weight you can take it to the post office and have it weighted and mailed out there. 

Also when shipping outside of the US you will need to use a customs form you can get them from the post office or order them onlune and have them shipping for free to your house
 it's Customs form 2976 it's simple to fill out just mark as gift and what's in it, I usually mark it as handmade cards and stickers worth a $1 or $2. Just has your address their address on it and whats in the envelop then just stickered to the envelop if you have ordered anything from another country you may have seen some type of this especially anything from ebay from China.

Thank you for stopping by and I cant wait to make this Pocket Letter!

Hope some of this helps.


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