Saturday, November 21, 2015

Cat and Dog from Cinderella

Hey guys! So today i am posting a picture of a swap i am in. I have been working on using color pencils just to try something different and bc i have a ton of colors too! Well these swaps are called Disney Cats: Lucifer and Disney Dogs: Bruno. They are the cat and dog from Cinderella. I didnt know there names before this swap. I havent seen Cinderella in years not my thing i like more actiony Disney cartoons! But anyways here is what i made for both swaps.

Thank you for stopping by and i hope you enjoyed my Cinderella dog and cat atcs!


Friday, November 20, 2015

Legendary Pokemon ATC Swap

Hey everyone!

So recently i have been a wanting to get back into the Pokemon swap series i was doing earlier in the year but didn't know what pokemon types i had done not realizing i could check my archived swaps, silly me. So i did a Legendary Pokemon ATC swap.

i personally chose Zapdos bc it's one of my baby brother's favorite Pokemons!

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Yeti ATC

Hey guys! So this week I joined a fun little swap on called, "I Believe Series" this one was a Yeti which allowed me to use the Yeti Set Go set from Lawn Fawn (shocker i know, haha) Ok so i also purchased a couple of new Lawn Fawn sets early in the month too and used one of those sets too (Let's Bokeh) which is a fun little circle set! Also in September I got some white ink which I used and tried something different I used some white sticker paper stamped my Yeti on that and colored him with colored pencils instead of markers like i usually do so it was fun to try a few new things.

Used the white ink on the bright red cardstock. Then added some stitch lines in black. Also added some white paper and some washi on top of it to add some color.

I really like how he turned out! I hope my swap partner does too!

Thank you for stopping by


Sunday, November 1, 2015

playing with my Cricut!

So today i wanted to die cut some letters so i pulled out my Fiskars Die cutting and letter press machine and Lawn Fawn Quinn's ABC dies and began to die cut OMG it was cutting but hard to align everything i wanted to do multiple times... so i pulled out my old friend Cricut! played with some font in the craft studio and cutting some letters! <3

So much fun playing with it again!

Thank you fro stopping by and have a great day.


Thursday, October 15, 2015

Halloween Cards and small update

Hey guys!

It has been a crazy couple of months and trying to get back into the swing of things. So funny enough not working as much in June and July really made me lazy then in August worked more but not enough but was offered a full time job at a package place, where Canadians mostly have things shipped to us then driver over the international bridge (yes we are literally that close) and pick it up. Well the issue with that was Sept was our big road trip home to Florida to see the fam and meet our new baby niece Stella and nephew Lucas along with my Bestie Ashley's now one year old Carly. OMG so much baby time it was amazing! But our trip was scheduled for Sept 14th to Sept 30th. With this job offer the other guy's last day was like Sept 3rd the timing was bad but after some talking and things. Ev (the other employee) was able to find a temporary employee to work while i was away. I had a small four hour training before i left and we were able to go home and come back by Sept 28th rested on the 29th bc I got totally sick starting on that sat super head cold and then started officially on the 30th for training so on the first i would not just rely on the four hours of training in Sept. So, I started and have been working here like two weeks and it is pretty kool job the customers are super nice too, which as we all know in any customer service job is totally an amazing thing! But hoping this job will be like the motel where i can get some crafting and art in too which so far i have been able too. Speaking of that this whole post is suppose to be about one thing i made and are mailing out today some Halloween Cards this is just one of five classic face designs I made to send out this year.

Ok, so i know that for sure one is going to my nephew Roy bc well let's face it he's a boy and a black kat or witch isnt going to work and sent my nephew Lucas a pumpkin for his card and cant send them the same thing in the same house i have brothers it doesnt work out well when you do that lol

Speaking of this handsome little boys i will post some pictures of some crafting Sara and I did while in Florida for Roy's birthday not sure if i will post any actual photos of them bc i will have to ask Sara for that but got some sweet photos of some sweet Mario themed things we did for it!!

I was inspired by some emails i seen online and these four card turned out super cute! I hope everyone loves them. I only sent out cards to the amazing children in my life and three adults. So not everyone got cards.

Thank you for stopping by and I will try harder to get on here and post more.


Tuesday, August 4, 2015


Hey eveyone ok so i havent posted anything lately bc i been creating up a storm for a downtown sidewalk sale event here in my town. Hopefully some pictures will follow soon. Made so much stuff this month i am kinda creatively exhausted. Also mega excited never done anything like this before so hopefully i sell enough to make my table money back haha we will see. So aug 7th and 8th downtown sault ste marie, michigan on portage ave we will see y'all there. Scheduled 9-6 but friday i will only be there from 9-3 bc of bf's dentist appointment.

Have a great day guys!

Monday, July 27, 2015

Grand Rapids trip haul

Hey guys 

So i while down in grand rapids Tam and i went shopping and boy did we!

Here's what i got from Hobby Lobby

i been wanting this set since it came out i really wanted it its one of those 20 dollar sets i got it for 40% off 

Got three sheets of 12x12 paper the three in the back and the rest are solid 8 1/2 x 11 card stock for some 3x3 cards love these colors.

Got these blank cards to use for trades there was a bunch for way cheap so totally got it for 3 dollars ! 

Ok so from the dollar tree i got these stickers i have seen a few people with them they are super cute and my dollar tree has the owls and i already own them lol but these foxes i could not pass up love'em!

From joanns i got some markers and punches

I also got some stickers from Meijers 

Ok so while at Hobby Lobby i was debating getting the hexagon punch we all know i am a sucker for hexagon and fiskars anything... I love their punches espeically the easy punch ones but i was debating and Tam was like if you get it i will give you ine of the corner rounds i have and i was like um and shes like i will even give you the fiskars one so i totally got i ended up taking it back found it at joanns for six bux cheaper and got the circle one too from there so heres he corner punch Tam gave me! 

 You can turn it and it does two sizes!

Ok so hubby amd bf will mever let Tam and i go shopping alone again! But was mega fun and we both needed it. I am so glad i have amazing people in my life and love sharing things and ideas and getting together to do some stuff together was a great trip down hate that its a 5 hour drive to see Tam, hubby and and new baby gurl Clara! But love we had some time to go down to see them! 

Oh ok so I also gotta show this cute card Tam made for Clara's project life scrap book i am so jelly (she'll love that lol). So i did get the same paper and she embossed me some white to be able to make it too!! Idk where i will be using it but will find somewhere.

How stinking cute is that?! I know she's got such a great eye!

Thank you for stopping byand i hope you have enjoyed the haul post.


Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Harley Quinn atc

Hey guys! How are you guys today? I am doing really well balancing work and crafting and my art! Today I made a special ATC for a swap-bot partner. 

So for this when I used some fine line markers. I actually receive the markers from a swap- bot swap partner. She's on them all the way from Chile. They're really funny is is the first time I've really gotten to use them.

Thanks for stopping by hope to post again soon! 


Sunday, July 5, 2015


Hey guys 

ok so i have a couple of posts that apparently didnt post one was from Father's day and one was from this weekend pocket letter for ashley! So they are posted now i guess my fone decided it wasnt going ot post them. 


guess my blogger app is broken.


but i am not going to use it anymore... or save as draft then post from computer. bc it wasn't even showing up on my post list on my computer but was on my fone... silliness i tells ya!

Ok so anyways Ashley and i been tlaking about some neat things to do to keep ourselves challenged so stay tune for some fun things from us and check her out too... she's now blogging it up too. I love the things she makes they are so professional looking to me!

Bear with her she has a 9 month old so blogging is a time consuming thing and hopefully with us doing challenges (which we are totally open to some ideas too!) i can get her to post some blogs!

Thx for stopping in guys talk to you later,


Bee themed pocket letter for Ashley

Hey guys so yesterday ashley got her pocket letter i made her she has been amazing at making them and sending them to so i totally had to get one out to her. Hers are far cuter than mine!

Thanks Ashley you are amazing and i am lucky to have a best friend like you even tho you still live in florida lol

So for my pocket letter i wanted to do a theme the last one ashley sent me was a gold theme bc shes totally been obsessed with gold lately. So i choose a theme too... A bee theme! 🐝

Ok so i am not super into bees a nickname in high skool was lyzz-a-bee and i do love a hexagon pattern and for some reason i to totally love the two bee stamps i have from lawn fawn tho the one from gnome sweet gnomw i usually alter a little everytime i use himhe is super cute tho but i like coloring himebwith bigger black lines. 

This little guy i like to color more like this 

I also used the bear dressed in a bee outfit from lawn fawn's critters in costume like this little guy.

I also took some yellowed cardstock made a hexagon pattern. I used a piece of tracing paper to make a pattern then transfered it to the cardstock.

A little closer look at some of the atc pockets i made.

Is this fun! I totally had fun making it for ashley! I need to get to making more for her i know she loves them! I didnt tell her i was going to make one so it was a surprise for her !!! 

So here is the finished pocket letter for ashley!

Well guys hopefully you enjoyed todays post i know ashley will she loves seeing how i do thing and i go out of my wayto do things extra special for her.

Thank you for stepping by.