Monday, August 1, 2016

ATC with a Pocket

Hey guys!

Really trying to get back into this! Ok so Today's post is a post on a swap i did in one of my groups i'm in on called ATC with a Pocket. We had to have an ATC with a pocket with at least 2 items in the pocket! This was an interesting one. It totally got my brain going so i joined i enjoyed making it tho i didn't care for the long wait to mail it out... things can get lost on my desk and i was super worried about that i love making art but hate having it sit around to long i lose things lol!

Well this is what i did for it!

I had this idea of using my kraft paper which is a rougher surface then i like so i have to make myself use it bc i cant draw on bc it's not smooth at all which is ok for somethings but i bought it to draw on and use like normal paper but got a really good deal on amazon so it's a catch 22 with it. I have been trying to come up with other ways of using it.So here i thought OMG lets try stenciling it!

So i got out my Tim Holtz sunburst stencil and my Stamping up Tangerine Twist ink and i stenciled 2 of the same patterns on this Kraft paper. So i could have a pocket in the same thing.

I added the pocket to the exact position and then added some faux stitching to make it look like a pocket also added some sequins to add some detail and a black boarder to tie in with the black stitch lines.

Here are the pieces i made for the pocket (from left to right) all are 2 sided bc idk what the person will use them for if anything and are the same thing on both sides. Some pieces were more of a pain to do than others.

1. i use a wooden compass stamp that bought out of the dollar bin i believe and stamped a compass and i used a tan marker to color it then took my memento rich cocoa ink and a blender tool and did the blending of the dark brown i love the color that comes out when doing that the red hues really shine through and i add some in the middle to really make look worn Then i took a sign stamp out of a 1.99 Sea set i got from Michael's ( Idk the name or the brand if you are interested message me i will pull them out and tell you.) I stamped it out and colored it then glued it down and this one was a little hard to do 2 sided to get he compass right but i managed to get it!

2. Is a bookmark! I used a Lawn fawn stamp from Gnome Sweet Gnome i never use the stamp and so thought his piece has been very unique why not use it something else that is unique and different... so i too the stamp and colored it and took the same kraft paper added some gold strips which i loved the way it turned out then glued the image on and punched a hole then made the hanging tassel which was my first one i ever made and turned out great! Also 2 sided!

3. the luggage i just had this feel going on and when flipping through my stamps i see this one and thought wow that could really go with the feel if i colored then just right i used the same gold on the accents and then colored them all in some of the same color family i used in the project i wish i would have added something to the bottom to anchor more or colored it darker but did 2 sided which was a pain also bc of the cutting out process but made it work.

All and all i love how all the pieces work together to add a fun element to the ATC. 

They all looked great over laying in the pocket! 
This was really fun and i think i will do another really soon! Also i just posted a Pokemon ATC with a Pocket so this one has been on my mind. But I also want to do another random ATC with a  pocket!

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