Saturday, July 9, 2016

All About My State Swap

Hey guys so did a swap called All about my State! It was 20 Facts about my state and then a flat surprise... no surprise i did an ATC for my surprise!

Since I live in Michigan I did Michigan.

 I was very excited after I made my ATC and did my 20 facts when i addressed my envelop I was debating doing a Florida one too since I was born and raised in Florida and as of Oct i will have lived in Michigan for 9 years (it really doesn't feel like that!) 

But as I looked at the partners address, 
She is from about 15-20 miles from where I grew up in Tampa, Florida! 

So i opted not to do a Florida one.

As you can see I used a part of a map of Michigan sticker paper with a stenciled Michigan (including the all important Upper Peninsula (UP)! I had to mask off part of it to get the right shape for the UP when it goes into Wisconsin tho it is a great big US stencil with all 50 states most people don't realize that Michigan consists of 2 parts a Lower and an Upper I more than likely wouldn't worry to much if i didn't live and love the UP so much! I also thought something was missing so added an anchor to the bottom. I feel like it still needed something but everything i placed on it didn't look right so i left it as it is, it looks awesome but just needed something else... but it's ok it's still pretty darn neat! I love how the Michigan turned out got this giant stencil for like 2.99 and has all 50 states in 2 stencils the one is 48 continental states and then the other is Alaska and Hawaii. It's really kool found it at Joann's on sale it was like originally like $5.99. Which is still a really great deal. If i remember when I get home I will take a photo it if anyone is interested in it.

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