Sunday, February 22, 2015

let's get organized

Heya everyone! 

So, i did some organizing! 

I got these little blue trays from a thrift shop downtown and i have six or seven of them for super cheap and they are shorter and are perfect for washi tape!! So, i am kinda in love with them for that. Also, i got this cardboard display from work it held some chips and i was going to throw it away then I thought that would be perfect for some duck tape which you can tell in the photo i might have an addiction too but i make things with it and i love duck tape most of it is ducktape brand i just find their tape easier to work with. On the topo shelf i put out my ribbon bc it was REALLY hard to get to the way i had it. It was in a box from a pair of snow boots that the lid was attached the box sat under all my tape. It was SO DARN HARD TO GET INTO TOO! which made me not use it but i do have some beautiful ribbons and dont have to much for how long i have had most of this ribbon. alot of it was gifts from people i dont keep it bc of that i keep bc i couldnt get into the box lol Now the problem is solved with this little display shelf!! 


I am sure Ashley, Beth, Donna (basically my mother-in-law) and Sara can see some tape and ribbon they have bought me or gave me! <3 you gals more than you will ever know!!

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

My January "art"

Hey guys so didnt get anything but this!

Yes this as much art as i have done in months!
I made this for the gas station to get some ones bc I had 8 in the whole store on a busy Friday night.


Also when I showed everyone this it was a onesie but could tell bc had not sent them. There were two horde onesies made one for Ash&Sergio and Tam&Steve <3!

This little one is Tam and Steve's little bunch of cuteness!

Also Janee and I got into a car accident her car is totaled but we are ok. Life has been crazy to say the least. my knee is bruised and chest has a little bruise from the seat belt her chest is really bruised from the seat belt and a bruise on her arm and a friction burn on her hand. So, we are ok and glad for it. It could have been so much worse and very thankful we were able to get out of the car and walk away with some bumps, bruises, and a scratch