Monday, July 18, 2016

Crafting with little Bella!

Hi guys!

 I wanted to post some things that i had made but when searching my photo i was like omg i should totally some of the pictures from when i was crafting with Bella over 4th of July weekend! 

So, i was totally bummed out and excited for this weekend! This is a family reunion weekend of awesomeness at the cousins lake house. I was excited bc i love seeing everyone and love love love being at the lake house we have been like once a year for a few years.. 3-4 now wish we could get down there more but life is so busy and family and friends are so far apart in Michigan and then the rest are in Florida it's really hard to see everyone. But this year my Brother in law and his amazing wife are expecting their 2nd child! Our first official Nephew, we have 2 handsome best friend Nephews whom i adore beyond believe! So they were not able to come up from Florida but She is due in Aug, which also means our oldest niece Claudia wasn't coming. Which her and I have a special relationship and love her dearly! So was the start of my bumming out. Then my sister in law and her husband also in Florida were not able to come bc he had training for his military job which meant our other niece would not be there either, In Aug she will be 1! We have actually met her twice Stella-Monster is so cute and when we met her both times she wasn't really moving to much she would crawl some the 2nd time but now she is walking and i hear she is talking some so i kinda bummed more that i would not be able to see that. But hopefully sometime next year we will be home to met our Nephew, Henry. 

See all of our nieces and nephews ( i see no difference in Best Friend Nieces and Nephews and actual Nieces and Nephews, the love for all is real and Family is who you make it with not just who you are given!) 

Even tho i was bummed about not seeing the Nieces, Brother in laws, and sister in laws, we did just see them in April and the mom in law and dad in law came up from Florida. so that is exciting too. It was a great weekend tho! I did miss everyone who wasn't able to make it but it was super fun! can't wait to see what we do for 2018 4th of July reunion! Crystal went above and beyond this year!

Bounce house, dunk tank, sno-kone machine for the weekend on top of everything else she has, popcorn machine, trampoline, kayaks, boats for the huge lake, bikes, yard games for the huge yard, video games, ping-pogn table, basketball hoop, pool table and i am sure i am missing stuff.

But there was some down time i spend over finishing up a letter to a swap-bot partner. After you know a couple days of drinking and playing with all the cousins kids needed some time of relaxation. My mom in law brought Bella over while all the boys were out on a bike ride. So me and her made some things for everyone! Including Claudia, she was sad Claudia didn't get to come too so she wanted ot make something for her to let her know we were thinking of her! So, sweet! 

Cousin Chloe gave her a pink fluffy pen! And her Aunt Donna (my mother-in-law)  knew just the place to take her to use it lol! She was able to use all the punches by her self! If this doesn't say those easy squeeze punches are amazing idk what does! Bc for a 5 year to use them without any trouble should say alot! (i only had 2 punches in my bag the medium circle punch and the easy squeeze large circle punch both Fiskars.

I wish i would have taken photos of everything she made i just mostly taped and doodled on things and also wish i would have gotten some of Bree making cards too! So sad i didnt 

Pictures of Bella and me!

We totally had fun i think we spent like at least an hour if not longer making things for people. it was harder to keep her focused toward the end but she wanted so many. i was able to do it lol 

My man... Manning the grill!
 The view from the livingroom! Yes please!
 Me and scooby taking some time to watch Rob Dyrdek's Fantasie Factory while everyone was on the boats. So nice and quite! 
 BF and Crystal taking the Kayaks to the water, i was suprised how much use they got this weekend.
 My in laws after a few hour drive relaxing in the sun before all the kids found out aunt donna and uncle dave were here!!

 We also set some fire works off too. On Saturday night the big display from the city was Monday night.

All and all a great weekend even went with the in laws to and aunt and uncles house on Monday to see them we all go lost bc it's confusing to get back to their house but it was nice to see them too been to long!!! 

Have a great day!


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