Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Pokemon A2 Card

Hey guys!

SO today I am showing you guys this super cute card i made... I been all about water things, deep sea, open water. It's that time of year when I am thinking all about water and be in one and around water without 4 layers of clothes lol! Hooray for Northern Michigan weather! haha! Well today I am showing an A2 card I made with some water type pokemon which started it all! I so didnt want to send this one i love it so much! But I did! I did receive a SUPER CUTE ONE BACK! So, it totally worked out! 

 Ok so as I said I made this card stardard A2 size. I wanted to do a kinda water color background without getting the water colors out so i used my Spectrum Noirs. Not 100% happy with the front bc i was to heavy handed but i still loved it as a whole with the pokemon on it.. The fotos are yellowy tint to them from the lighting. I'ts white cardstock as a base. I hand wrote the hello. Fron the top there is Finneon, Gorebyss, Goldeen then on the inside of the cars is the evolved form of Finneon, Lumineon. I made it look like a speech bubble to wrote a not to my parter for the swap. It was really fun to make this and I can wait to make some more!

I also decorated the envleop

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