Saturday, June 11, 2016

Old skool pac man arcade pocket letter

Hey guys! So i wanted to post this blog to give some more ideas of pocket letters for my pokemon group who has a pokemon pocket letter swap up!

Which i am uner excited about idk what i wanna do for it yet... But so ecited about it!

Ok ok so this blog is about the sweet sweet arcade pac man pocket letters i made. 

I made one for sara and it was so sweet i made two more one for ash and one for tam bc it was so awesome! I lived doing it. There have been a couple of times they all got the exact same ones. Usually there they are similar or have same theme sometimes but will be different. Lately i have loved my themes or what i did so they all got same. Like i know for sure april was the same like this one ways bc they were to awesome.

You can see how i made this one on black  paper with white gel pen.

Then i took a blue marker and colored the white lines to turn them blue.

Then i added dots.

Then i added a hello player one, high score which is actually the date, added pacman, and some ghosts. Which i got the ghosts from Lawn Fawn's super cute set Monster Mash.

As you can see the dots are different and all theirs not bc i was lazy i wanted it to look like they been played. I hope this helps you guys and encourages some of you to make a pocket letter! They are so fun usually mine are dont in more of an atc style with 9 different ones with one theme but this one was just so fun to try!! I love it!! So did the guys!

Thank you for stopping by!


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