Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Faux foto card: walrus and narwhal

Hey guys so today's post is this little card i made with two lawn fawn sets... Surprise surprise lol 

I did kinda make these two with specific people in mind but never used them well hopefully something will conealong to use them or maube i will sale them who knows i did set up an etsy shop but idk we will see what happens

Have a great day guys!!

Monday, June 15, 2015

Faux foto card series

Heya guys! It is monday again! So today i have something super cute to show you all. So i made some cute A2 size cards i know look me going all standard and what not! 

Ok so i use some super cute lawnfawn stamps i am trying to use them more and more and was thinking this series will be great for using these cute critters!

I am calling this series the faux foto series cards this card has lawn fawn stamps from critters on the savanna set and lawn fawn stamps from #awesome set. I also used some patterned paper that would match well. I also used the lawn fawn stand alone die grassy border. 

Well i hope you guys liked them i sure had fun making them something a little different than i usually do and trying new thing i really loved the way they
 Turned out i think i will make more of this type too!

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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Lazy day

Hey guys so i have nothing prepared to show today i been working so hard and learning illstrator i didnt have anything to post and today my plan is this...

Laying in bed with my Sketchbook and some animal crackers maybe some illustrator work later too. Before work at 4 pm. I hope your day is way more priductive than mine lol. Though yesterday four loads of laundry was done  making six loads folded and hung also clean the toilet and took the trash to the curb for this morning for pick up. Plus got some work done in illustrator so full day yesterday. 

Monday, June 8, 2015

Life/Art Update

Hey guys! 

So today's post is just a little update on what i been up too. So i wanted to take my designs and sketches from my sketchbook and make them some fancy line drawings. 

I tried making them in Photoshop and i happened to mention it in passing the other day about being up late the night before to my manager Liz. She tells me "well why no try illustrator it would be much easier. My husband is into graphic designing and i play a little with it." I said "thx Liz i will look into that when i got home." I did and kinda sad i couldn't find a free version to download but i did download and try the 30 day trail to get a feel for it and with in hours and YouTube videos (my go to for research) i have began creating things. 

I have seen an Atlanta based artist whom i follow religiously on Facebook and Instagram for many years now Gerry Madness. He does these amazing creations. Well he has also done things like graffiti, sharpie art, also posted things from Photoshop and illustrator. He makes stickers and does canvas. All that and a few other things have inspired me to got outside my sketchbook and make some line drawings of my art and creations.

Totally check Gerry's work. 

 To me art is ever evolving and i cannot and wont keep doing the same thing i want to try new things new techniques and something might work better for me or not at all but i want to try and see what if. So i been working in illustrator since last bight and already came up with a few things! So excited! 

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<3 lyzz

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Pokemon Fire Type ATC

'ello everyone!

So, I been hosting some swaps over on recently mostly 
bc I wanted to do some swaps i want to do lol. Well this one is a series I been
 doing this is the POKEMON SERIES! 


Ok, so for this swap it was Fire Type and i made a 
Magmar for my partner hopefully my partner likes it!

Check out this pop dot action i did!

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<3 lyzz

Second Nesting Doll Creation


So for the Nesting Dolls ATC swap i hosted. So, my partner got an ATC and this creation. I love them both but this was the second one I made it's totally inter active! and all 3 little parts are top folded so the actually stand on their owe like in the third picture. HOW FUN IS THAT!?

this is the biggest one it is ATC size (2 1/2 by 3 1/2) but not actually an ATC.

This is what both the biggest and the middle ones look like.

Here are all 3 top folded so they stand up.

OMG! I am in love with them I hated to give them away but I did give them to 
my swap partner. I am sure there will be alot of these made!

If any of my swap-bot buds want to do some private swaps
 let me totally know or if you want to join swap and do some 
private swaps i totally and willing to do that too!

Or if you are just fan of my work and wanna trade some atc's i am always willing to make things! Artist trading cards are not for sale they are made to be traded and kinda a rule in the atc world

but i do make cards, art and things that i do sell my artist/crafting skills i am sure any of my creations can be turned into anything you like all you gotta do is message me and ask!

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<3 lyzz