Saturday, April 8, 2017

Harry Potter ATC

Holy Moly! How is it April already?! Time has flown by guys I wish I was better at keeping up I have loads of fun things I have made I need to post about!! Today going to post early about this awesome Harry Potter ATC I just made I have made similar ones before... but this one I think is my favorite Harry Potter ATC yet! Tell me what do you think?

I hope you all like it bc I love it!I tried a few different things on this ATC like adding some "tape" to Harry's glasses and using double sided tape to the ATC before laying down the stripes of the book instead of using messy glue I liked this SSSSSOOOOOO MUCH BETTER! I am completely horrible at using liquid glue!!! Let me know is it just me who is completely rubbish with liquid glue or do you guys have issues with it too?!

Thank you for stopping by and have a great weekend!


Monday, January 23, 2017

First Swap-bot Swap from Tam

Hey Everyone!

 Check out this sweet Vid of an ATC one of my best friends made for me!


How cute is this?!



Thank you TAM!

Thank you guys for stopping by!

Love y'all


Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Electric Dragon ATC

Hey everyone! So today i wanted to show you guys a new atc i just mailed out ti my swap-bot partner! I joined a swap it was Dragon Electric... non pokemon... this looked better in pencil before i inked it but i like it. The colors are brighter in person.

Well have a great day guys!


Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Life Update

Life update

He guys it's a new year! Thankfully I wont go into details about how horrible so many things went seriously wrong in 2016! I will tell in Sept I had an SVT attack I have one about one a year now... Mine is caused by one vein that has splintered off so it causes an electrical short in my heart. (basically the simplest explanation) Mine was a birth defect. Well a normal range for your heart during these attacks are 200 beats per minute. Mine this time was 286 beats per minute. Basically mine SVT is at the first valve of my heart and doesn't open it and so then it was like 20-30 minutes of blood swirling in the first chamber which makes it race bc it's trying to get the blood through. My cardiologist freaked out i have never been on meds or had any passing out until this time I almost passed out about 5 times with in a 10 minute period it took to get from my home to the ER. They were able to slow my heart down and get into normal rhymes then see my family doctor and my cardiologist the following day. The cardiologist put me on meds which caused a bunch of issues and had to change them i got every side effect for both ones. I also seen a specialist about 3 hours drive away to talk about surgery. Well got to see him in Oct and then he's new to the practice but has been working on this mapping system for like 10 years and this practice had one on order so was horrible months with lots of side effects and as of Dec 9th I went back down state was able to have them fix my issue! So atm the moment everything was a sucess and it's been a crazy 3-4 weeks with recovery bc i push myself more than i should but i dont have time wait around for it heal! The went in through the groan and boy it's hard to walk but almost at 100% to me that worth it all to no longer have a heart condition and not worry about it atm!

Have a great 2017 guys and thank  you for checking in!


Friday, August 26, 2016

Pocket Letters from March St Patrick's Day Themed

Hey guys! In an order to get caught up which even me not posting I'm still doing pretty darn good but when I was scrolling through my fone to find old creations I realized there were a few I hadn't posted. I was debating if I wanted to go and make one long post about them all which surprising to me there wasn't to many from late this year that needs to be posted or if I should do them all individually and I think I am going to do them all separate so they get my full attention and love that I put into them!

SO today's is from March- I went with a St. Patrick's Day theme it is a big deal in my house my other half is part Irish, I'm mostly Irish, he has a Leprechaun Tattoo (as talked about in this post ), his gamer tag is Lucky and often uses a shamrock for a symbol, plus his favorite color is green, also i love Leprechauns! So St Patrick's Day and March is a great month in our home. Usually filled with the smell of Corned Beef and Cabbage too! 
(seriously making my own mouth water just thinking about it!)

So for March I naturally went with a St. Patrick's Day theme!

The front of Ashley's 
 The back of Ashley's
 The front of Tam's
 The back of Tam's
 The front of Sara's 
 The back of Sara's

If you notice there is a SUPER cute Leprechaun! If he looks filimar it is bc he is the gnome from Lawn Fawn's Gnome Sweet Gnome set and I use my masking techinque to stamp the hat from Lawn Fawn's Hats off to You set and colored him with green, yellow and an orange beard to make him a Leprechaun. I think it worked out great! 

If you have any questions about masking I did a post all about it 
with a video and everything. It was super hard to explain how to mask over the fone or by texting I tried with Sara so I made her a video! I just hope it has helped ours!

There were more things that went into to the back of them but this was what i had pulled for pocket letters right off the back!

Thank you for stopping in and have a great day

Monday, August 1, 2016

ATC with a Pocket

Hey guys!

Really trying to get back into this! Ok so Today's post is a post on a swap i did in one of my groups i'm in on called ATC with a Pocket. We had to have an ATC with a pocket with at least 2 items in the pocket! This was an interesting one. It totally got my brain going so i joined i enjoyed making it tho i didn't care for the long wait to mail it out... things can get lost on my desk and i was super worried about that i love making art but hate having it sit around to long i lose things lol!

Well this is what i did for it!

I had this idea of using my kraft paper which is a rougher surface then i like so i have to make myself use it bc i cant draw on bc it's not smooth at all which is ok for somethings but i bought it to draw on and use like normal paper but got a really good deal on amazon so it's a catch 22 with it. I have been trying to come up with other ways of using it.So here i thought OMG lets try stenciling it!

So i got out my Tim Holtz sunburst stencil and my Stamping up Tangerine Twist ink and i stenciled 2 of the same patterns on this Kraft paper. So i could have a pocket in the same thing.

I added the pocket to the exact position and then added some faux stitching to make it look like a pocket also added some sequins to add some detail and a black boarder to tie in with the black stitch lines.

Here are the pieces i made for the pocket (from left to right) all are 2 sided bc idk what the person will use them for if anything and are the same thing on both sides. Some pieces were more of a pain to do than others.

1. i use a wooden compass stamp that bought out of the dollar bin i believe and stamped a compass and i used a tan marker to color it then took my memento rich cocoa ink and a blender tool and did the blending of the dark brown i love the color that comes out when doing that the red hues really shine through and i add some in the middle to really make look worn Then i took a sign stamp out of a 1.99 Sea set i got from Michael's ( Idk the name or the brand if you are interested message me i will pull them out and tell you.) I stamped it out and colored it then glued it down and this one was a little hard to do 2 sided to get he compass right but i managed to get it!

2. Is a bookmark! I used a Lawn fawn stamp from Gnome Sweet Gnome i never use the stamp and so thought his piece has been very unique why not use it something else that is unique and different... so i too the stamp and colored it and took the same kraft paper added some gold strips which i loved the way it turned out then glued the image on and punched a hole then made the hanging tassel which was my first one i ever made and turned out great! Also 2 sided!

3. the luggage i just had this feel going on and when flipping through my stamps i see this one and thought wow that could really go with the feel if i colored then just right i used the same gold on the accents and then colored them all in some of the same color family i used in the project i wish i would have added something to the bottom to anchor more or colored it darker but did 2 sided which was a pain also bc of the cutting out process but made it work.

All and all i love how all the pieces work together to add a fun element to the ATC. 

They all looked great over laying in the pocket! 
This was really fun and i think i will do another really soon! Also i just posted a Pokemon ATC with a Pocket so this one has been on my mind. But I also want to do another random ATC with a  pocket!

Thank you for stopping by...


Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Hand drawn pocket letters for the girls!

 Hey everyone ok today i wanted to share some pocket letters that i spent more time making than usual. I hand drew some pocket letters for the girls! Tam, Sara and Ashley. 

Here is the part of the process i did on these. I measured it out. You don't see the pencil lines in the photos of 2 1/2 by 3 1/2 so i knew where they were each will be cut and how far to go over on the paper. 

 Here is the finished drawing 

And then here is is after i cut it and erased the pencil lines and put in to the sleeves. 

Ok so here are Sara and Ashley's

On Sara's pocket letter i used black paper with a white pen.

On Ashley's pocket letter i used white paper with a black pen.

So everyone is really different and fun! I love how each of them turned out i started each of the pocket letter with the intent on putting the girls names in the middle but didn't really have plan who got which til later. Clearly These are from Dec 2015 i'm never on track with time of what i posted for many many reason the first being i do so many ATC's and pocket letters and second is i don't post enough anymore trying to fix that second issue for you guys! Also another reason i should mention I don't want to spoil anything for anyone. I have accidentally did that to my self where i was like oh she has a site let me check this person stuff or style out and then ruined a surprise for me. Which is ok but the fun of snail mailing is opening it up to see what i was sent!

I hope you enjoyed today's post I really an trying to keep up guys and post more. I am very excited about swaps lately i have been at max (20) swaps for like a month straight plus my pocket letters to the girls and 2 more ladies have been added to mix maybe 3 not sure on the 3rd yet. But as soon as one swap goes out I have added more to the list. 

So been crazy swapping and creating! 

Have a great day!