Saturday, July 23, 2016

Pokemon Pocket Letter: Pink

 Hey everyone! Ok so Kayla's been adding some Pocket letters to the Pokemon Group swap list this one was a theme of pink!I started with this pink on pink dotted paper but as you can see the back og it is white. So i glued it to pink paper for back i wanted it to be mostly all pink, with the least amount of black and white as i could get on it!

 So the finished product looked something like this

I choose Pokemon that were mostly Pink and if you are a Pokemon fan you may have noticed they are all 3 evolutions and in order top, middle, bottom. I also included the Pokemons egg with it's first evolution at the top. i thought that would be fun and it turned out great.

For the back i was a little more open to more black and white. i added all kinds of stuff for Glynda! Even made a book mark one side you can see the egg with the same pink on pink dotted paper and the other was Clefairy with the same pink on pink dotted paper!

Then for the envelop I did this little stenciled Jigglypuff (i see someone do it on the front of a card and i cleaned it up some and love it! Tho i think theirs was either a craved stamp or a lithographed stamp but it was still really awesome they had 3 it was like jigglypuff, squirtle and i believe pikachu. I made stencils out of them and changed them slightly but it is really fun to do them!

Thank you for stopping by trying to get better at posting more!


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