Saturday, October 19, 2013

walmart crafty haul

Ok so you guys are going to think all I do is shop! But I don't actually I try not to shop in a store but sometimes you have to go and get food and personally I rather go to Walmart and do it all in one shot. Today Boyfriend and I (yes I actually call him Boyfriend) went to Walmart. I had to get some antibiotics I was sick 2 weeks ago and then this week got a sinus infection (yuck) and it's like turning into a cold (like i have time for that). So went to the clinic today (that's a HUGE deal; I don't like to do that) got checked out and got something to get me feeling better. So, we go to Walmart and it's going to take 35 mins the guy says. Our super Walmart in this small town (Sault Ste Marie, Michigan; pronounced Sue Saint Marie, it's French) of 16,000 is SUPER BUSY all the time. We live on the border of Canada, and those residents come over to shop (it's cheaper) There are some SUPER small towns (like one stop light small and some don't even have a stop light haha) around us that come here to shop. Plus we have a State University here with a student population of about 3,000 students mostly from lower Michigan. So basically it's a really busy super Walmart. So, as boyfriend and I are wondering around we get some food and things need for the house I wanted to look for some foam dots couldn't find any went to the toy aisle bc I know there is this brand of kinda like washi tape called like Tapeffiti or something like that I've seen and I wanted to try not that I've used washi tape before but just wanted to get some super cheap kind and try it out but all the had was the monster high kind which was super cute and I'm dark-side anyhow but boyfriend told me I could not get it bc it was for kid it was like 12bux too for i want to say 20 rolls or so. But anyways i can understand him saying no so we are walking around and I wanted to check out the clearance racks sometimes there are great finds there and so they had either moved the clearance or didn't have anything bc nothing was there so I decided to go around the hose aisles and to the card area and then I found the most amazing things ever!!!

So, I walk down this aisle and see Studio G display (it's on the complete opposite side of the store from the crafty stuff and office supplies. Which some of you may know that Studio G has things in the dollar bins at Joann's (I know this bc I am a sucker for dollar bin stuff) Honestly, tho Studio G might be cheap but it's worth way more it's decent quality stuff. I haven't tried their new inks but I bought some like 6-7 years ago from the dollar bin and they are still work and awesomely too! So, of course I was excited and Boyfriend let me get some stuff and even stood with me while I took for ever to look though everything. I went mostly with like a green scheme bc most things I make or for him (except my cards) or about him and his favorite color is green. So here's some pictures of things I got today we also got some stickers for our niece and our friend Miguel who loves Mario stuffs (old skool gamer friend from that boyfriend has known since high school and I've known him about 10 years now too!) 

97 cents

97 cents

I also got a green set but cant find it :( 

for miguel only like 1.97

97 cents

97 cents

1.97  cute and for the niece!

this was like 3 bux but so cute.

97 cents each
 Of course the moment I got in the car I texted Ashley and she is going to check her Walmart to see if she can find this stuff. So, I wish you guys luck bc I think dollar bin crafty items are awesome and I know my stocking stuffers are usually from target dollar been from boyfriend's mom (she knows what I like!)

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Have a great day <3 lyzz!

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