Wednesday, October 16, 2013

thrift shop finds

Hey guys! So, I was at a local thrift shop today I was actually working for my internship going around town and doing a few things. I got a great haul for only a couple of bux! This is a great way to your get more unique things for your crafts. Here's what I got.

here's all of it together
some stickers
some stickers

stationary unopened that's awesome like 15 sheets and 10 evnelops

some stationary picture of the unopened paperunderneath
this is what it looks like inside with 6 envelops, 6 blank sheets 
and 13 rope and anchor/rope sheets of paper this was a steal to me!!


got 6 of these envelop cards

4 post cards

5 cards here (from left to right) one of the first one and two of each of the other two
Even if you don't like something or can't or won't use something. If you get it really cheap you can always give it away or use as a gift or within gift swaps. Stationary is always a great gift and a great insert or journaling page in a card, scrap book, or smash book.

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Have a great day <3 lyzz!

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  1. Those are some awesome finds! I'm never lucky enough to find craft stuff at the thrift store...