Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Lawn Fawn Stamp Haul

YAY! new stamps!! This is a huge Lawn Fawn haul. I got some new stamps in the mail!! Ok, so I went a little stamp crazy guys! But yeha here is what I got...
Here's the lot of stamps OMG i went insane but got some great deals on things so could not pass them up. IDK if i should post pictures of each one so I think I'm going to let me know if you like that or don't that. So, I know for next time!

plus one

into the woods (in love with this fox!)

Cruising Through life

A good apple

Gnome sweet gnome

Hats off to you
Yeti, set, go!

Happy Feast

How cute are these stamp sets. Lawn Fawn has the cutest sets ever. I need to find a year around jobs so that I can bought some more. Although I think I might get two more sets soon before I can't get anymore for a while. We will see. Can't wait to see what I make!! But for now I've worked 8 hours at my job and 3 hours at my internship then 2 hours with the bestie i haven't seen all summer and then food with boyfriend now posting and I'm wicked tired and going to bed!!

G'night all!!

Thank you for stopping by, if you have any questions or tips let me know either in the comments box or email me and don't for get to like me on Facebook,
Have a great day <3 lyzz!


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