Friday, October 17, 2014

weekly wrap up with a Pineapple ATC

Hey guys!


So, it is FRIDAY! (tho still technically still my Thursday night 
not Friday will i go to bed and wake up again)
Well let's take a look at the last week. 

Monday- Posted a new video on youtube and a blog post about a Halloween Bookmark
( )
Fun and excited to be finally doin' those.

Tuesday- I HIT 75 likes on my artist facebook page!!! HOW EXCITING IS THAT! I was very excited and decided randomly that I would do a giveaway and so far only 3 peopls in the running to win something made by me for them. (ALSO YOU CAN POST HERE AND HAVE A CHANCE TO WIN TOO!)

Wednesday-Thursday morning- posted a blogof an ATC I made in honor of my mother-dearest and her Desert Fox-ness my poppy said she was  (GROSS HAHA)

Thursday and Friday to worn out from working... walked to worked midnight to 8am then walked to the store to work 830am to 5pm SLOWLY walked home had pizza with boyfriend then fell asleep by 7pm got up at 11pm got up and took a cab to work midnight to 8am... well at the moment it's 416am and so still working. lol

This week I plan to make a few more videos. I think my "make it monday" videos will be posted Mondays but here and there I may do one or two to be posted throughout the week. MAYBE even do a weekly wrap up video :O ok maybe not anytime soon but you never know what I will do.

Here is an ATC I made for a pineapple fruity swap-bot swap. 


Hope you week was not nearly as busy or tiresome as mine well 12 days and counting til I go to Boston to see Beth and Kevin so excited! Can't wait to have a week with them (they have to work some but still I get to see them bunches and bunches!) Also, Beth is dying to show me some new techniques she's learned in her crafting class (JEALOUS but EXCITED!). So I am sure there will be a few photos and new creations to show you guys stay tuned with me and have a great weekend!!

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Have a great day <3 lyzz

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