Thursday, October 16, 2014

Desert Fox

Heya guys so todays post has two agendas one showing you today's ATC featurette and then two giving you guys another chance to win. No one seems to be posting :( sad face guess no one wants free crafts/art.

Ok so the featurette today is an ATC I made after talking with my mom and poppy on the fone. So on my profiles and things I say I'm a Southern Bell turned Snow Bunny bc I moved from Florida to Michigan in 2007 well my parents now live in Utah idk they are crazy but as I was talking to them my mom goes we what does that make me and my poppy says a desert fox! We all got a kick out it adn it kept kicking around my head and then I remembered I have this AMAZING little fox stamp (which I have talked about many times the whole reason I bought the Lawn Fawn Into the Woods stamp set) Well then I remembered I have this really cute Stampin up cactus wood mount stamp from 2006 season and I love it but dont think I have used it to much I bought it as a single or in a lot of a hodge podge stamps from ebay. It is copyrighted for 2006 so it's more than likely retired and I am sorry I dont know what set it came in or even if it did bc from time to time they release one or two alone. But I made this ATC in honor of my mother!

Ok guys so if you would like to win something fun post below to try and win something just post below or post on my facebook one post per my post and you are entered for that many times this will be the 3rd chance just post what you would like to recieve and on Tuesday 21st, 2014 I will check all the blog posts and all the facebook posts and put the names in a list in order they came in and then use a random number generator to choose a winner!

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