Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Halloween Treat bag Video

Hey guys! A new video is posted. Today's video is the Halloween Treat Bag I have been making the last week!

I gave Kirsi her treat bag and she had fun with it! We had fun watching her with it too! She had not had a snickers before but she liked it and apparently she is a huge fan of suckers so the dumdum suckers were a huge hit with her as well as the post note holder. She loves journals and things to write in so that was a hit with her also. She was drawing pumpkins and coloring them it was fun! I love that kid she's so freakin' rad! (We love her parents too they are amazing and I have spent 5 out of 7 christmas' with them one we went to florida and one i went to ohio to see my parents but boyfriend went to their house for christmas so we are very close also L hired us when we first moved to michigan at our fast food job we worked for 3 years also she is currently boyfriend manager (he's the assistant manager atm intern manager while she's out on bed rest during the rest of her pregnancy.) We love that family they are amazing!

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