Monday, September 22, 2014


Hey guys, so it's been a hard day... Miss Pablo was put down. She was in my life for 8 years longs pet I have ever had. She was family and it is super hard but i know it had t
o be done. I came home she was dizzy and disoriented, she didnt seem to know where she was or that i was there and she looked like she wasnt able to walk. We called the vet had her seen and things didnt seem good and clearly they were not. Her yo-yo-ing health in the last month kept getting worse and worse... to the point to have her put down. it's really hard and she will be missed very much.

Ok so these are just a few of my favorite photos from 2014

The last photo that I took of Miss Pablo
My Pablo tattoo I have had since 2006 I have under my right knee

...:::Family photo:::...

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