Saturday, September 6, 2014


Hey guys,
So, Kim was surprised at my blog post bout the amazing package she sent me. She also made me blush she messaged me and noticed something very kool i havent noticed before she also was very kind and said some nice things... here's what she said,

"I love how you communicate in your writing. I feel like we are sitting on a sofa talking an having a cup of tea or something. You have a way of making the reader feel so at ease, like your talking directly to them as a friend. I love the details, I hate to read something and it's so vague with missing parts. The details is the main part of the story. You are very talented! The pics were awesome"

I never really realized that I write as if I am talking to you guys in a conversion. I knew my writing style is more of the way I talk but I never realized that it was more of a conversion though. It's kinda neat actually and it was very nice of her to tell me such nice things. Glad she liked everything. As for the pictures that makes me super excited to hear bc i have been paid for doing photography jobs and have that fancy pricey camera i have talked about before which i freakin love that camera so that pleases me that she likes my pictures.


Here are a few pix of Miss Pablo layin on my side bag and IPOD. She's been sick and this was the first day she was feeling a little better and of course that meant...

"hey mom, look at me... Look at me... OMG MOM LOOK AT ME!!"

I love her but she is alla bout getting pett-in's and being right next to me more than usual. I love her and I am glad she's feeling better I hope she gets to 100% soon tho... it breaks my heart when she's sick.

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Have a great day <3 lyzz

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