Saturday, March 1, 2014

favorite memory atc's

Hey guys so I have been working a bunch and Miss Pablo is doing great! She was on a week of antibodics and everything seems to be all better thank goodness. I was super stressed out but Have been working on things little by little poor Beth did not get her birthday gift in time for her birthday yesterday nor is it anywhere done at all i'm such a slacker well today I did not work on her gift 


But I did work on some ATC's I will be sending out soon. This is an other one for favorite memory I dont have just one I dont live that way I live more with favorites lol I can never decide on just one thing. But I have 2 older ATC's with the girls to catch up on Fall colors and favorite memory, before i do the 2 new ones favorite character and fairy tale... Fairy Tale I am waiting for my Critters Ever After Stamp set from Lawn Fawn to come in before i do it. Tho, with my super small budget I was only able to get the stamps no dies :( so fussing cutting for me, which i like but the dies are just so much FASTER!

SO on to the FUN!

I had seen something like this online a lady had a doodle in her sketchbook that said something along the lines of her favorite place to be is in bed with her husband and dogs watching movies. I loved it bc that is my favorite thing to do so i doodle similar thing in my small sketchbook i wish i remembered the site to give her credit (SORRY) 

but here's the sketch out of my sketchbook

Did some samples

Then i wanted to see what it would look like in colors

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    1. thank you! I love them too :) This is what I am really good at letters and patterns with my art but I enjoy all forms of crafts and art.