Wednesday, March 5, 2014

new paper sorter

Hey guys! So, wanted to show you my new paper sorters I got two for all my paper to really get them organized bc it is completely annoying to have them all stacked on each other and so I got on to 

  and ordered  one of their paper storage thingys 

I havent put any paper into it because I have been in a artsy mood all day although apparently my last black sharpie has died so basically used up my craft budget this month and boyfriend said no and so basically I am doing nothing now but laying in bed watching netflix. I shoulda ordered some from dick blink when I was making the order of the storage units then he would never know and not going to lie I was glad the order came super fast though.

this is one by itself

this is both of the together so hopefully this shelf will work
Oh so Miss Pablo has been doing super fine she's just as evil as ever and 
now she's picked up the habit of sitting and sleeping on boyfriend's desk chair
 now that he has put a blanket on it bc the leather was ripping on the back and
Miss Pablo loves it! Here's a super cute picture of her I took a couple of hours ago.

Miss Pablo being super cute watching tv from the side of daddy's chair <3!
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Have a great day <3 lyzz!

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