Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Gifts from Sara, Miguel and Roy-Boy!

OK! As, promised here is the pictures from this amazing family. So, Sara is a craft friend for the last 10 years we use to do crafts, color, video games, board games (don't ever play monopoly or mario kart with her she will OWN YOU! haha) We actually went to high school together too but did not know each other though we had tons of the same friends. Her and Miguel have been great and amazing friends for a long time and are those people that would give you their last dollar and have given me their last dollar and I have given them mine. Since they have had their baby boy Roy. I have seen them grown so much and am so proud of them I knew they would be amazing parents but they have done so much more than that. Cannot say enough good things about them!

Here are the gifts. Sara did not make these papers she does not have much time to craft with a very active 2 year old boy at home. She found them at a yard sale and thought of me. But I could totally see her making something like this. Either way I LOVE THEM!

Happy New Year's Eve!
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  1. Love all those goodies! The papers look super fun!