Monday, January 6, 2014

first week of 2014

Hey guys! I have some pictures of something I made for Ashley for her birthday that is in 2 days and still has not been mailed from Michigan to her in Florida. Our small town post office has had horrible holiday hours so for the last week I've been trying to catch them open when I can but no luck. :( So, when she gets that I will post some pictures :)

Hopefully I will be able to do some crafting or art this week I need some time in the studio... before we go downstate next week to Detroit for grandma-in-laws funeral, she passed away last week. So, trying to get travel plans finalized and also on that trip we are going to Grand Rapids to stay with some dear friends before I have to go to Reed City for training for the new job. So like next week is going to be really crazy.

So, nothing else to new with me working all weekend and got my new fancy phone on Friday so been playing with that. It's a touch screen. I'm hip with the times... ok not really. But thought I would at least post a picture of how it came from the mother-in-law... everyone should take note this is how to ship things to people lol esp to me lol! I just literally opened it dumped it and took a picture!

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Have a great day <3 lyzz!

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