Saturday, April 4, 2015

Pocket Letter Pal Swap

hey everyone! So today's post is pocket letter pal swap... 
If you have not heard about these (i had not until this week)!

Well ok so Pocket Letter is something a lady Janette Lane came up with while she was doing Project Life (i never got into Project Life it's not for me. you guys know i usually create my own backgrounds with washi tape and/or markers. But I like the idea of Project Life I feel everyone should create thingsno matter how much time you have. Project Life is one you can do rather you have 10 mins or 10 hours which is nice)... ok so she was doing a Project Life and was writing her pen pals so she found some of the nine pocket baseball card sheets and started making something similar to the Project Life for her pen pal. She posted it on instragram and apparently it became an over night success. I can see why the ATC swaps are very popular these days so take that a step farther into a letter and fun things for your friends is no surprise it's a success and so ingenious too! Ok so things you add to them you can do stickers, tea bags, ephemera, washi tape, bakers twine and/or pictures. Don't forget your letter to your friend/pen pal. Then you fold into 3's and mail it in a standard size letter envelop. Your partner can save them in  3 ring binder and look back on it. 

Which is so funny bc I have 2 binders one for Ashley and one for Beth and have their ATC's, letters, cards and postcards in. So, this posket letter is RIGHT up my alley fo'sure! It totally took my love of snail mail, my love of ATCs and my love for letter writing and just rolled it into one fun project!

I did mine in more of an ATC style (i know it's a shocker lol )

Ok so a lady posted a swap on for this swap there is also a website for this 

I have not used this site so I don't know anything about it I would assume it's similar to but not really sure. Also there are a bunch of youtube videos dedicated to this type of swap already I enjoyed a number of videos on the subject this week :)

Ok so here are some pictures for the pocket Letter Pal Swap

So this is the full nine pockets

I did a hello one and the little compass spins too
This is the one with washi tape in it.
This one has my letter in it and have a small folder pocket ATC to hold it
 This one has things behind it
 Here are the stickers behind it
 this pocket has some stamp cut outs
 this pocket I made a quote atc in it :) With all the circles and dots i thought it 
would be cute to make it with a circle quote and found one about friend circles 
(The Quote: My friend circle has no sides to be broken, 
no ends to be ended, no angles to be measured)
 This one has some fun blanket paper for my partner
 here are the 3 colors
 This is the last one i make for my partner it is the Tolkien quote
 (The Quote: Not all those who wander are lost -J.R.R. Tolkien)
 and it has her where she live in the middle it's just pure luck she lives in Michigan too lol

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Have a great day!
<3 lyzz

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