Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Pokemon: water type

Heya guys! So not sure when I will post again over the next week I will be on Holiday downstate for a family reunion. Family from Florida, Chicago, and Detroit will be all heading to Midland for some R&R at a cousin's lake house for some fun in the sun on the water for the 4th of July!! So excited our niece is in the state of Michigan!!! Doesn't not happen much. Very exciting can't wait to see her!! It's a little hard with her living in Florida. 

So, I am going to post a super cute little ATC. This is guy is Horsea he is a Pokemon from the original 151 Pokemon. He's super cute and i got the idea from some guy who had stickers that were kinda like this with the cut out i have to find the right size for the ATC but made it work.

This was an ATC swap for a swap from Cooking bear she has done a few and I am just now getting them photographed and posted here sorry for the delay but life is super busy! My original goal was to post once a week. Trying to do better than that. I'm an over achiever fo'sure!

Colored with sharpie and cut out.

The site promotion is the new way i am going to do it it's just on card stock with the title and the blog site here instead of pasting one on before I post that was a small reason I don't get a lot posted laziness lol but with this one it's just right on my easel there so no worries everyone will know  made where they picture came from and who made the item in the picture! Which I feel is important I never remember where I got a photo from if it isn't labeled.

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Have a great day <3 lyzz!

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