Sunday, July 20, 2014


Hey guys! So i know my new plan is to post my art and projects on Mon, Wed and Fri but i am sure there will be some posts in between that like this one!! Ok so i have some commissions that need to get done. I call them commissions/projects

#1 is I am doing for Ashley (one of the besties)- She is a first grade teacher and i seen this project in an old crafting magazine from like 2010 i been recently going back through them just to get some inspiration, well there was a Valentines card with a pencil in it and i thought how cute would that be for Ashley to give something like this to her students for their birthdays. i left them blank bc talking with Ashley she wanted to use them for other things too like good grades and stuff. i thought that was genius! So, i been slowly working on them I still have 2 weeks to get them done before skool starts in Florida. I have all the pieces just need to put them all together.

#2 is making some 3x3 cards for my sister in law Elizabeth's mother Betty.Elizabeth rocks and i made her and my niece some 3x3 cards for Christmas last year and when Elizabeth and I were talking while at the lake house for the 4th of July family reunion. She was saying her mom was at her home feeding the dog and she seen the 3x3 cards and loved them and was mad at Elizabeth for not telling her that i made cards lol Betty is a riot! So, i told Elizabeth knowing that betty loves flamigos that i had a super cute Flamigo stamp (which i do from the Lawn Fawn set of  Gnome Sweet Gnome). Elizabeth was over the moon about that and loved the idea to have me send her mom some surprise cards!

#3 is for my baby brother Kyle aka Bean (childhood nickname i still use!!) he texted me on Friday asking was i able to and could I do a drawing for him in black and white of a tarantula for him to hang on the wall. He knows I'm an artist and can and has created some really amazing things but did really keep up with what I could and couldnt do tho funny enough he did like my Facebook artist page when I first made it lol. As we talked it out i did have him go to my facebook artist page to look a t some of my black and white and pencil drawings. So, he was very excited and tagged me in some of his Critter photos he and Jess have a lot of critters... dogs, cats, snakes, spiders, rats, scorpions, etc Jess works at a vets office and she fosters animals back to help also and alot of times they keep them. They are two amazing and loving people! After talking with Bean he was excited and wants me to fill his walls with critters and stuff. I want to use pix of his own critters bc i think that would be more special for him and he said he would pay for supplies and pay for shipping. which on this scale i might make him pay for shipping nothing else tho he works hard at a fast food place as a shift manager and works multiple shifts and a row it's hard work i did Taco Bell for 3 years boys been there for like 4 years.

Well i cant wait to finish things and let you guys see someof the work i have planned. I have a schdeule all made up for the next like 3 months fingers crossed i can do it all and some lol 

Thank you for stopping by if you have any questions or tips let me know either in the comments box or email me and don't for get to like me on Facebook,
Have a great day <3 lyzz!

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