Saturday, January 25, 2014


Hey everyone! 
Thank you fro stopping by... it's been a crazy 2 weeks... so I had the flu for like almost 7 days (YUCK) half that was on our trip down state for the funeral, training and some good times with friends. Then sick with a bad cold on the way home -.-
So, I didnt even go tot eh funeral I feel really bad about that but I just didnt feel well so I stayed at Aunt Mary's house laying on the couch trying not to die. While her youngest Andrew (14 years old) was off school on Friday played the computer and I ordered pizza for lunch from Hungry Howies and let him pick he's the youngest of three I am sure he doesnt get to pick often lol. It was a nice day besides feeling bad about missing the funeral and being sick. The time in Detroit was good tho, got to see family and spend a ton of time with the in-laws whom I love and miss a bunch I hate that they live in Florida still and we moved to Northern Michigan but I love living here.

Grand Rapids 
It was fun I wasnt feeling 100% and i hit my head on Steve's car door to the point I cut my head open nothing serious just hurt like heck and had a starch. But we went to a few game shops and you guys may not know I am a gamer, World of Warcraft (Me, boyfriend and our two friends Steve and Tam {they are married <3 } in Grand Rapids play) we have over the last year gotten into playing card games when we are in town in Grand Rapids called Munchkins well this game has multiple versions, booster packs, fun accessories that have fun/funny rules for the game and things like that. So, we played some versions of that game (MY FAVORITE IS ZOMBIE VERSION, I'm not really into zombies but there is something about this version that just it all works together the drawing on the cards are funny the puns are funny it just all works for me) but we went to like 4 game shops in town, one we all have been to before and like alot and the others we havent been to. It was a nice time I wish my head didnt hurt so bad that one night but the door attacked me lol

Was ok I had been to worse trainings. I got 100% on my test IDK if that factored in the two bonus questions or not but I do know that I got those two right I forgot to ask if that 100% before or after the bonus questions. I was just glad I got my 100% and we got out at 2:30 instead of 4:30 so I was over the moon about that too bc it was about a 4 hour drive home. Got Mc Donald's (which is my favorite restaurant I know i ain't right but I love some sweet tea and french fries) when we got on to I-75 to head home I fell asleep like I was out for like 3 hours. Got home before let me stay in the warm warm car while he shoveled the drive way then just had me bring stuff into the house. Then we both took some Nyquil and went to bed bc by this time he's sick now too. We took the rest of the days off in bed and taking Nyquil. I still have some small symptoms but I was able to work last night so I'm ok with that. 

I want to craft but I'm still sick a little and have to shovel the walk after getting like 5-6 inches at the least worth of snow last night. Ordering boyfriend's Valentines present. I have to do some dishes and then walk to and from work today also fit in a nap bc I have been up since like 7am bc boyfriend got called in early :(  *note* dont like your other half take a manager position the pay is good but the hours suck. boyfriend is a great person and doesnt like to drop the ball on anything which is great for a manager and great for the employees but sucks to be the family of that amazing manager. So, hopefully tomorrow I will get some crafting done or at least post some pictures of some ATC's I did a few weeks back.

Thank you for stopping by, if you have any questions or tips let me know either in the comments box or email me and don't for get to like me on Facebook,
Have a great day <3 lyzz!

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  1. Sorry you're still feeling under the weather. Cuddle with Miss Pablo and watch some netflix until you feel better! ;)