Thursday, January 9, 2014

Ashley's Gifts


Ok! Guys as promised here are the fotos I took and one that Ashley took of the gift I made for her. A Smash book. I made it... took some cardboard from a 24 pack sprite box cut it to size took some paper cut it and folded it then sewed it in. On the front I took some cute paper. I had and glued in on the front and back then some black ducktape and added it to the side that was like the binding side I feel like it made it look more like a book it's not to thick like 6 pages nothing to fancy but Ashley will do amazing things with it. I am sure. Then I took some cute paper I had cut and glued it to the front and back. On the front I added some die cut things I had bought from Walmart's Studio G area then added 3 rhinestones. I have really been into this green and blue themes lately. On the back as usual I made my mark with my name and a little birthday wish to a dear friend. Whom I wish I lived closer to.

front of the handmade smashed book

back of the handmade smashed book

bag of stickers, paper, die cuts and 3 ATC's made for Ashely. I thought this would be funner for her to really make it her own instead of me adding things in the paper she can really make it and use it the way she wants <3!

The back of the bag of stickers, ATC's and paper. Also added a note and the sticky note of the cloudy pig was something i drew to show her how to draw cloudy animals she wanted to do her "let's pretend" ATC's like when you look in the clouds and see animals and shapes so I decided to draw one and take a picture and send it to her and she loved it so I thought i'd keep the sticky note and send it to her also lol <3 Yes we are dorks like that!

All packed up and ready to go this is the back I didnt want to show her address

photo taken by Ashley
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