Monday, January 13, 2014

updates 1-13-14

Hey guys. I am sick so my goal to get the landscaping challenge done before I leave on my tip to Detroit, Grand Rapids and Reed City then home. Worked all weekend, boyfriend worked doubles all weekend and still so he's working like 3pm-11pm his schedule this week and then 11pm to 7am bc a midnighter called off. I am not complaining he's the assistant manager and he has to do it but going on our trip he now will be using NO VACATION TIME. Come October when he gets paid out for his unused vacation time will be nice but right now. I'm sick and want to be held lol. Miss Pablo doesn't wanna cuddle... tho the kitty has been by my side most of the day. Also I wanted to do some more in a word CAS-ual Friday card challenge. I have some Sketched out... I usually don't do such things but made a goal to do some.

Also if you don't know I'm a mega fan of Lawn Fawn. Their CHA posts of sneak peeks and their pix on Facebook. I'm so excited for 2014 releases. Their booth at CHA OMG SO DARN CUTE! I told Ashley that I wanted to live in it bc it was so cute. I love the images, cards, products and such.

OH also I got my adapter kit for my Fiskars Fuse Creativity System ( my fancy die cutter/letter press machine) I needed it to be able to use other systems products like dies from Lawn Fawn :) So here's my amazing story... Got some coupons in the mail from Joann's had a 50% off one and I made a deal with Boyfriend to buy the kit this month using my coupon and I wont spend any unnecessary spending while outta town. Which we usually do :) so the kit is originally $89.99 with the coupon it would be like 45ish dollars plus tax so like 50ish dollars. So, I get the kit I also get a washi tape from the dollar bin boyfriend took my dollar bastard and as we get to the register I hand the lady my coupons to scan bc if you don't you don't get any coupons... DUMB. She says to me, "You cannot use your coupon." I was like, "WHAT?!" She's like, "the kit is on sale." I was like,"how much?" She smiled and said, "$35.99, you will be saving $54 dollars." Only one word came out, "WOW!"

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