Thursday, October 15, 2015

Halloween Cards and small update

Hey guys!

It has been a crazy couple of months and trying to get back into the swing of things. So funny enough not working as much in June and July really made me lazy then in August worked more but not enough but was offered a full time job at a package place, where Canadians mostly have things shipped to us then driver over the international bridge (yes we are literally that close) and pick it up. Well the issue with that was Sept was our big road trip home to Florida to see the fam and meet our new baby niece Stella and nephew Lucas along with my Bestie Ashley's now one year old Carly. OMG so much baby time it was amazing! But our trip was scheduled for Sept 14th to Sept 30th. With this job offer the other guy's last day was like Sept 3rd the timing was bad but after some talking and things. Ev (the other employee) was able to find a temporary employee to work while i was away. I had a small four hour training before i left and we were able to go home and come back by Sept 28th rested on the 29th bc I got totally sick starting on that sat super head cold and then started officially on the 30th for training so on the first i would not just rely on the four hours of training in Sept. So, I started and have been working here like two weeks and it is pretty kool job the customers are super nice too, which as we all know in any customer service job is totally an amazing thing! But hoping this job will be like the motel where i can get some crafting and art in too which so far i have been able too. Speaking of that this whole post is suppose to be about one thing i made and are mailing out today some Halloween Cards this is just one of five classic face designs I made to send out this year.

Ok, so i know that for sure one is going to my nephew Roy bc well let's face it he's a boy and a black kat or witch isnt going to work and sent my nephew Lucas a pumpkin for his card and cant send them the same thing in the same house i have brothers it doesnt work out well when you do that lol

Speaking of this handsome little boys i will post some pictures of some crafting Sara and I did while in Florida for Roy's birthday not sure if i will post any actual photos of them bc i will have to ask Sara for that but got some sweet photos of some sweet Mario themed things we did for it!!

I was inspired by some emails i seen online and these four card turned out super cute! I hope everyone loves them. I only sent out cards to the amazing children in my life and three adults. So not everyone got cards.

Thank you for stopping by and I will try harder to get on here and post more.


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