Sunday, July 5, 2015

Bee themed pocket letter for Ashley

Hey guys so yesterday ashley got her pocket letter i made her she has been amazing at making them and sending them to so i totally had to get one out to her. Hers are far cuter than mine!

Thanks Ashley you are amazing and i am lucky to have a best friend like you even tho you still live in florida lol

So for my pocket letter i wanted to do a theme the last one ashley sent me was a gold theme bc shes totally been obsessed with gold lately. So i choose a theme too... A bee theme! 🐝

Ok so i am not super into bees a nickname in high skool was lyzz-a-bee and i do love a hexagon pattern and for some reason i to totally love the two bee stamps i have from lawn fawn tho the one from gnome sweet gnomw i usually alter a little everytime i use himhe is super cute tho but i like coloring himebwith bigger black lines. 

This little guy i like to color more like this 

I also used the bear dressed in a bee outfit from lawn fawn's critters in costume like this little guy.

I also took some yellowed cardstock made a hexagon pattern. I used a piece of tracing paper to make a pattern then transfered it to the cardstock.

A little closer look at some of the atc pockets i made.

Is this fun! I totally had fun making it for ashley! I need to get to making more for her i know she loves them! I didnt tell her i was going to make one so it was a surprise for her !!! 

So here is the finished pocket letter for ashley!

Well guys hopefully you enjoyed todays post i know ashley will she loves seeing how i do thing and i go out of my wayto do things extra special for her.

Thank you for stepping by.


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