Sunday, July 5, 2015


Hey guys 

ok so i have a couple of posts that apparently didnt post one was from Father's day and one was from this weekend pocket letter for ashley! So they are posted now i guess my fone decided it wasnt going ot post them. 


guess my blogger app is broken.


but i am not going to use it anymore... or save as draft then post from computer. bc it wasn't even showing up on my post list on my computer but was on my fone... silliness i tells ya!

Ok so anyways Ashley and i been tlaking about some neat things to do to keep ourselves challenged so stay tune for some fun things from us and check her out too... she's now blogging it up too. I love the things she makes they are so professional looking to me!

Bear with her she has a 9 month old so blogging is a time consuming thing and hopefully with us doing challenges (which we are totally open to some ideas too!) i can get her to post some blogs!

Thx for stopping in guys talk to you later,


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