Saturday, March 21, 2015

Crafting Art Studio Move

Hey guys! So, I have had all my fun crafting and art supplies in our separate bedroom which use to be our bedroom until we put our bed in the computer room... a whole room of my stuff! Well not anymore... now all my crafting and art supplies are heading to the computer room. I cleaned and vacuumed an area to put stuff then boxed half my stuff up and moved it into the computer room then vacuumed and moved the bed into the bedroom then began to unpack a few things then showered and went to eat and got my taxes did. What a day off!! I did it all alone on Monday so I wont have to do it today! Thank goodness I did bc it was a crazy week with extra hours and working as fast as we could bc we are 4 people doing 7 peoples job and one called off so was CRA-ZZZZZZYYYY! 

Only half my craft stuff lol still have to put this stuff away and then move some things around and move the rest of my stuff to the computer room. So sad no more room just for my stuff.... *SAD*

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