Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Mail to Trevor

Ok some of you guys may know that i like legitally only have like a handful of friends (besides the Boyfriend and the Family both mine and bf's) Ashley, Beth, Tam&Steve and Trevor. Well, for those of you who dont know 

Ashley lives back home in Florida
Beth lives in Massachusetts
'Tam&Steve live in Grand Rapids (the couple we got visit)
Trevor live here in the Sault but spends his summers on Mackinac Island (being AWESOME, he is a fabulous artist and has paintings in a gallery)

Well with Trevor away  it gets lonely but gives me time to sleep... bc i work so much anyways but I do ATC swaps with the girls (Ashley and Beth) but the other day I was ssssoooo thinking of Trevor i miss him even tho he's only like an hour away he works so much on the island docks and painting and i work to much too so i was thinking of him. I had bought some washi tape at Hobby Lobby in Grand Rapids with Tam when we were downstate in May (while the boys were at the movies) one is the red stripes and the other is the blue anchors. Trevor and I share this love for boats, ships, frieghters and all things nautical. So, course when I bought the washi tape and I made this background I thought of him. When I made this one ATC for the lady in the 10 Quotes Swap on Swap-bot.com. I knew Trevor would love it so I made some up and made him a bookmark and sent it to him via snail mail. He reads ALOT and he had mentioned before that he loved the bookmark i made that lady in the Art of Monograms swap from Swap-bot.com so I had already decided to make him and Tam one. So, i made them one and I have sent Trevor his and here is what I sent him.

I forgot to take a picture of Trevor's it looks similar to this one but it has TF for him and this one is for Tam (she has a real name that starts with an E she actually goes by outside of WOW) IDK she's Tam!

Thank you for stopping by if you have any questions or tips let me know either in the comments box or email me and don't for get to like me on Facebook,
Have a great day <3 lyzz!

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