Wednesday, May 14, 2014

ABC's of Phobias: letter D

Hey guys! So here is the D Phobia ATC i made one of my besties asked me was this a stamp or a punch (on that note i never answered her lol) I just cut brown cardstock for the base, 2 different green papers and then used white computer paper colored with a dark brown sharpie and cut out to look lik a base of a tree i had seen some trees like this in farbic about 10 years ago and i thought they were super cute but never really used them but thought this was the perfect time to! As the other letters i have already finished get sent out i will post them :)!

So, my time has been crazy i worked 43 hours last week and 42 the week before at the gas station which isnt alot but it is when your use to only working 29 hours a week and not putting the truck away. Being short handed has been get for the paycheck not so much on my bad ankle which i fell on again 2 weeks ago plus walking alot to cna from work and out with my bestie Trevor. But i am alive and i have seen boyfriend here and there he's also working alot (like twice as much as me i think last week it was 84 hours and the week before was like 60 some hours idk it's been crazyness!) We both are working alot til we leave for out Grand Rapids trip at the end of May.

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Have a great day <3 lyzz!

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