Wednesday, November 27, 2013

update on the new crafty/art studio

Oh my gosh! I have so much crafting and art supplies. I really have a passion for creating things. Here's some pix of the space with my new shelves. ( <3 my Boyfriend) There are still a lot of things to organize and boxes to go through but OMG like 6 hours of moving more things up to this room from the living room (my thighs are killing me from all those stairs!) and also moving things and going through it and oh man so much stuff lol 

The two black shelves are new only like 15 bux at walmart bc walmart only had one kind of book shelf *LAME* But Boyfriend showed me these they were like over by the automotive stuff it was weird I thought boyfriend was crazy lol well he is but there were these over there and it was like these for 15 each about 4 foot or so OR there was one for like 28 with 2 more shelves but i'm short so i went for the 2 for 15 and I have space and able to reach everything!

Happy early Turkey day, I hope every has a great holiday and
 thank you for stopping by, if you have any questions or tips let me know either in the comments box or email me and don't for get to like me on Facebook,
Have a great day <3 lyzz!


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