Tuesday, September 24, 2013

*My first post*

New to Blogger. But it seems all my favorite crafter's from youtube.com have a Blogger and it's all inter linked with g+ and youtube.com so here is mine I wanna start making video's and keeping up with my creations online.

To introduce myself I'm lyzz, I'm an artist and a crafter. You don't find that often (or at least I haven't seen it.) I am from Tampa but currently live in Northern Michigan in a small town with a huge name (Sault Ste Marie). I love making cards and art and doodling. I have an amazing boyfriend and we have an amazing family. I have a cat named Miss Pablo Viviano. She has some identity issues. But I love her and she's a rare breed of Siamese called a snowshoe. I'm sure you will see pictures and hear funny crazy stories about her or see crafts and maybe scrapbook pages about her and my family. Thank you for reading now to something new about me...

Soon... one day within the next week I will be a proud owner of a Cricut. It's taking me 8 years to be able to convince my amazingly wonderful boyfriend that i need one.

 How I did that... I work over 44 hours a week at a seasonal motel (May to Oct) after graduating college and I just started (end of Sept) a 20+ hour a week internship downtown and next week is my 28th birthday. So I ordered I received a promotional email from Cricut as I do from time to time I looked at it and looked at the Cricut Expressions I wanted the Black one but came with no cartridges but online access (for either 30 days or 60 days) and was about 20 dollars more than the pink one which came with two cartridges. I had told my boyfriend that week I was going to order it and he said "NO!" I said well to late (just to see his reaction). He says " you better not have" I told me him i did not but I will be when I decide between the two I want. He tells me about how he drew that line in the sand years ago and he's not giving it up now. I laughed in his face and told him I wasn't asking him I was just given him a heads up that I will be ordering it and he thought I was joking (i wasn't). So the next week I decided on the pink, when I logged the site I seen the pink one now was 10 dollars cheaper and came with another cartridge for a total of 3 cartridges and I checked around and I picked out 3 more for a total of 6. I ordered it didn't tell him til a few days later and he's been telling me I better be home when it come bc he will throw it a way. I told him that I will spend double what I did this time which wasn't even 300 dollars (after tax and shipping).

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