Thursday, May 26, 2016


Hey guys!

I have been wanting to get new posts up lately of some new things I have been doing but for some reason have been having issues with the computer and when I try to post on my phone they don't actually post so it's been a struggle! But I think i have all the kinks out now and hopefully will be able to post now bc i wasn't able to upload photos... this blog is kinda useless with out photos :)! OK so hopefully starting next week I can get some posts up on more a regular basis again.

This weekend is Memorial Weekend and going downstate so don't really for see me being able or wanting to post :)! Crafty and Game time with Tam and Steve! But I do have some super fun things I have been doing a few ATCs on swap-bot, pocket letters to Tam, Ash and now to Sara back home, also did a postcard that was mega fun also there is another fun thing I have been doing too but you will have to come back next week to see what it is video will be posted with it... the video is made and posted just have to publish >;) heehee so been trying to do things!

thank you!


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