Thursday, January 15, 2015


Hey guys! So sorry it's been so long... i worked all holiday season at JC Penneys as holiday help and nights at the gas station. Well on Friday, January 3rd I received a phone call offering me a position on the Support *WHAT?!* ok so i was over the moon you guys don't even know! So, still working the gas station at night and working JC Penneys in the morning. So, it was very nice to feel so much love at JC Penneys. Everyone was excited about me staying on which my restaurants background you don't really get that there. So this is my first week officially on the Support it's been a blast. There is always something to do which is nice since i am unable to sit still for more than like 30 seconds lol

SO FOR CRAFTING i have not been able to do any I didn't even make my Christmas cards for 2014! i mailed out store bought cards I was so sad to do that. But i digress on the subject bc my bills are paid and I have been able to have some extra money. I know we wont be able to pay all the bills with me working just the gas station but we wont have any extra moneys to eat out go to the movies buy things we want instead of just what we need. but now with two official year around part time jobs I wont have to worry and hopefully neither will boyfriend.

Ok so, i want to stay doing some craft nights or something for my support team girls! They are amazing and we have a blast! So, one lady M has a Circut and use to do crafts but doesn't have room to do them anymore and there is another lady J is an artist and does paintings (i haven't seen her stuff yet but i hear they are amazing, so dying to see some of her work!). There is another lady Li that use to play wow and met her husband on it there... which we all know hits home with me and boyfriend, since we were friends before wow and bounded over wow and fell in love there <3! I went to school with one of the other ladies G so we have a lot in common and the last lady Lo is fun to talk to she always has something neat to talk about and it is exciting she's going to be a grandma! So the ladies are amazing we all have a good time while working really hard always lots of laughs and smiles. I described the ladies in no real order just what came to mind first like me M&J were talking about crafts and art today so it was on my mind (well that's how it's been since I started there but more so now with the Support Team!)

BEST FRIEND UPDATE (in alphabetical order do to all are #1 in my bestie list)

-Ash is amazing made me a sweet smash book with a Christmas theme so will have to do something with that and her and baby Carly made me card with Carly's first hand prints in it *OMG AUNTIE LYZZ WAS TOUCHED BUT THE THOUGHT ASH HAD TO DO THAT* it was precious, sweet and thoughtful! I loved it. I got some great deals on some baby clothes so got some things mail out to them. Also got Ash and Sergio some thing they will be over the moon about and I cannot post what I got her yet bc her's is still mail like Ash's bc i been busy and it's just been in the Jeep.

-Beth is doing great i met up with her mom the other day for lunch omg love this whole family! but got my Christmas gifts from Beth's mom and got my pottery I painted while in Boston visiting her and Kevin. She also got me a deck of Hello Kitty Playing Cards from Crayola that you color. it was way kool and I cannot post what I got her yet bc her's is still mail like Ash's bc i been busy and it's just been in the Jeep. OMG I WISH I WAS THERE TO SEE HER OPEN IT SHE IS GOING TO FKING LOVE WHAT I GOT HER AND IT WAS ON SALE!! OMG SO EXCITED!!

-Sara and Migu are doing great their little boy is getting so big and they are expecting again! OMG it is so exciting! They are amazing parents and i knew they would be. They love their new home and wish i had time to finish the gift for Sara.

-Tam and Steve are doing amazing. They are happy and going great with new baby Clara <3! I also got a couple of things on clearance for her.

-Trevor got a really good position at a Joann's down state so he will be moving in like 2 weeks. OMG i am very proud of him and exciting for him. I will miss him bunches but this can only help his career he's been working for Joann's for at least a year and half maybe two not sure i am not good with time. But he deserves to be happy and i wish him all the best.

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