Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Let's Pretend Week!

Hey guys! So, I decided to theme this week Let's Pretend! Today's post is a Let's Pretend ATC I made for my LAB SWAP (Lyzz, Ashley & Beth Swaps) This is one I did with some paper I have had since 2004 NO I"M SERIOUS! I bought it in 2004! I actually horde fancy designer papers... not only bc i like the paper and never know how to use it but bc I usually make my own background papers with stamps, sharpies, inks, paints and anything i can get my hands on lol

SO TODAY'S Pretending is to be a COWBOY!

The only things i added to this one is the black line around the atc and black letters with white outline.

Here's some pictures of Little Miss Pablo... i call this one let's pretend she's not laying on my bag. :)

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Have a great day <3 lyzz

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